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The life of a porn addicted housewife.

Friday, March 31, 2006

yABB Sucks! 

The people over at yABB may SAY that the new version of the script is stable, but personally I think they are full of poop!
We are holding TCRF together with duct tape and twine at the moment. Posts disappear from the post index, members disappear from the member index, post count totals for members decrease if you delete replies like normal people would, and sometimes posts just go dead.
It's not just us having the problems either. If you look at the yABB support forums alot of people are having the same problems.
They tried to blame our server host by saying we were out of space, but I know for a fact that we have way more than enough space available. Plus, if it was a space issue rebuilding the indexes would not bring the messed up posts back.

This is honestly starting to drive me nuts!

Glorious Day! 

Thursday was possibly the most glorious day ever!

The temperature was a fabulous 72 degrees and the sun was shining like mad. Of course I spent all afternoon outside!! There was no sitting around either. I got TONS of stuff done.
First I trimmed back the pampas grass because it was dead and out of control. I looked up how to care for it and luckily you are supposed to chop it all off in March in this area. If it is over 5 years old they recommend you burn it to make it flourish, but I have no clue how old this one is.
I also cleaned out from under all the hedges in the front of house. They were pretty sad looking.
Next I cleaned out two small flower beds. Both had mulch in them that had to be at least 10 years old. I also found an insane amount of garbage buried in them. Nasty!
After that I talked the bushes along the side of the house. I had to cut out a bunch of the stalks because they had totally taken over the sidewalk along side them. There was a big piece of plastic under them and when I tried to lift it up I found a bajillion rolly-polly bugs. I will admnit that I freaked and put the plastic back. Ap0k, bless his heart, got rid of it for me when he got home. .I can deal with bugs in small numbers, but a bajillion is just too many for me.
Being the hard head that I am, I then went in the back yard and raked up all the old leaves and dead grass. After awhile I began to think I had lost my mind. I spent all winter typing, washing dishes, and doing laundry. All the physical labor today really knocked me out.
Oh yeah, I also cleaned the garage.
I am sitting here now with a cramped up back, sliced up fingers, and a wrenched knee. I LOVE IT!!!!!

There is something I am going to have to get used to though. Ohio actually has dirt. Dirt is slimy! I am used to Florida sand. With sand you can just stomp your feet and it’s gone. Today I tracked dirt all over the kitchen. Also the dirt is full of worms. I probably saw 5 worms total in the 12 years I lived in my last house. I’m not afraid of worms, but I really don’t like grabbing a handful of dirt and squishing a worm in my fingers. Blech!

Even though I am sore, I wouldn’t have traded the day for any other. Messing in the yard for 5 ½ hours in perfect weather. What more could I ask for?

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Clearing My Head 

No, I did not forget about this site. I’ve been trying to spend a bit more time doing other things. I was sitting at the computer darn near 24/7 and it was getting a tad extreme. I was so worried about keeping TCRF running that I put everything else aside. Housework was not getting done and I was not sleeping more than three hours a night. It had to stop.
Taking our little vacation made me realize I was turning into a computer zombie. I’ve gotten a good amount of reading done and the house doesn’t look like a trash heap any more. I’ve been cooking better food instead of just slamming something together.

Sometimes you just have to walk away from the computer and let your head clear out a bit.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Cincinnati At Night 

We took my little sister to Newport for dinner tonight and then stopped along the river to take some photos of the Cincinnati skyline at night. Sadly it was really cold and I had a hard time keeping the camera still enough to get good shots. How sad is that? Well, it was 35F and the wind was blowing pretty good. Standing next to the Ohio River was a bit more than chilly! Here is the best one I came up with:

My sister is leaving for home tomorrow morning. I wish she could stay longer. I have REALLY enjoyed having her here. It's been fun having someone around who likes to do the same silly things that I do. Somehow I just can't see Ap0k spending hours on end in the antique mall.

Since we left for Tampa last week I have been so off my diet. I have managed to gain back four pounds in the last week. Yuck! Starting tomorrow it's back to roasted chicken and steamed vegetables for me!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

No, But I Did Stay At A Holiday Inn Express Last Night! 

Ap0k took me off on another impromptu vacation last Thursday. This time we went back down to Tampa so I could visit my family and he could to the GatorNationals.
I actually saw, and stood in, SUNSHINE!!!! As you can see from the post below, we don’t have a lot of that commodity right now.
We drove down on Thursday evening and returned Monday evening. 16 hours straight through each way. We were both REALLY tired of sitting in the car.

We brought my little sister back with us to visit for a few days. She will be flying back on Thursday morning. She was wishing it would snow while she was here. Well, I guess she got her wish! It’s still snowing this evening so tomorrow I am taking her to Sharon Woods so that she can get some good photographs. Today I took her to Jungle Jim’s. Yes, normally taking someone to a grocery store IS an odd way to spend a vacation, but anyone who knows about Jungle Jim’s will totally understand why. I think after the park tomorrow I will take her to the Brass Armadillo, that cool antique mall I spoke of a couple months ago. It’s nice having her here.

More info tomorrow….

The 2nd Day Of Spring 

While this winter has been cold, at least to me, we really haven't had much snow to speak of.
Well today is officially the 2nd day of Spring, and this is what happened this morning at 6AM. Of course they closed the schools and traffic was a disaster!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Returning To Life 

After several months of dead and brown, life is finally starting to return.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Sidetracked, And Some Bad Spelling 

Over the last few days I have probably started 10 different posts.
Sadly, all of the posts ended up being deleted either because they were stupid, or I totally lost my train of thought. The telephone, the dishes, the laundry, it’s always something.

*10 minutes later* See, kind of like that. I was typing away and got sidetracked by some people on IRC. This is what always happens. I start out with great intentions, and then someone wants to discuss music. You know a good music discussion will get me every time! Tonight’s topic is “What kind of music gets you going sexually?” Now I am trying to explain how 80’s-90’s rap can work me all up.

*15 minutes later* Saving Face sidetracked me this time. Nothing better than a good bit of celebrity gossip!

*7 minutes later* Blame it on 3rd Watch now. I finally bought a small TV for my computer room. Not sure yet whether that was a good thing or not.

*15 minutes later* OK, 3rd Watch is over, maybe now I can write something. Flipping the channels now, remember the Anointed Handkerchief dude? He’s n again. Oh hey!! I found a strong man competition filmed in 1975. John Matuzzak, former Oakland Raider is one of the competitors. I know, I am sure I spelled his name wrong. I am such a sucker for these strong man competitions. Obscenely strong men performing ridiculous events. How can you not love that? Once in awhile you see one of them seriously injure themselves. That always makes me want to hurl. I can deal with a lot of things, but broken bones are NOT one of them! Goodness, Brent Mussberger looks so young!

I got some cool news today, but because some people in my “real life” read this I can’t say what it was just yet. Soon though.

I made homemade manicotti for dinner last night. I always figured it would insanely difficult and involved. Man, was I ever wrong. It took me just minutes to put it all together and then it was just a mallet of baking it to a bubbly finish. It was unbelievable tasty and we ate every scrap of it.

I can hear the birds outside, that means it’s almost time to fix breakfast. Yes, I was writing this in the middle of the night again. My sleep schedule is still off. I slept from 10pm until 1:45am. I will take Ap0k to work at 8am, go shopping for a short bit, then sleep from about 11am until 2 pm. Hey, it works for me.

My little sister has asked me to take some more pictures in my yard. Hopefully it will be nice enough outside tomorrow to get them done. I will post some of them if I can get any good ones.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Why Is Anal Sex So Popular? 

Suchtig brought up a good question on TCRF the other day. “Why is anal sex so popular in porn these days?” That was something I had actually been thinking about myself recently. It used to be that once you saw an actress do anal, that meant her career was on the downslide. It is completely different today. It seems that almost all of the new movies feature anal in at least one scene, if not more. The top new actresses are all doing anal scenes now. It has even gotten to the point where even seeing a DAP scene (double anal penetration) is not seen as shocking.

Suchtig’s comment on the subject was a bit surprising to me. He said:
“I don't understand why any woman would want to have anal sex, but there does seem to be a number of porn stars that specialize in it. Frankly, I'm not even sure why a man would want to have anal sex (with a woman). I've never heard of an erogenous zone within the anus, so it must be something between the ears.”

MuadDib had a very interesting reply to the question:
“Thank you very much, for that question, Suchtig, at least I can contribute to a Contributor with something when I can't upload (or at least not at the moment). I have asked this question myself a long time ago. I have discussed it since with many people: psychologist, sexologists, actresses,...

Personally, I am a great fan of anal sex. And I require a girl to be open about it. No, she does not have to do it, but she must know why, not because of some prejudice of because of plain ignorance. I would not accept it. She may make a decision, but it must be an informed one. E.g. like ^AGFH^ said, if she says she has tried it but she doesn't find it comfortable (and tells me why), then why on earth would I want to pressure her into doing it?! I think that it can be great at times. But if she thinks, at any time, that there is something better, why not give way to the better option?
Why a man would like to have anal sex with a woman? (Not necessarily being active)
Besides, how about posting some guide to anal sex, how about the ultimate one? I wonder if you have seen "The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex" with Tristan Taormino. (Sorry about that "beating around the bush", but, you know, it's the Rules) If you have access to P2P networks, it should be no problem. I got it about 3 years ago (when I was at university).

But you probably mean anal sex "on screen", done "professionally", right? So, competition in this business is getting tougher. Porn is becoming "mainstream", the industry is growing and therefore internal competition increases. And some guys prosper beacuse they cater to those needs. There are guys in this business who think that they will win if they offer something even more extreme than the competitors. And there is plenty of gonzo stuff today, much more than in the past, where the only plot that will suffice, is some "asshole overload". And many people will go ahead and get it.
Are you now asking why? People just want "those perversions", as a good friend of mine has told me. He has the largest network of sexshops in Bratislava (and Slovakia as well), so he knows what he is talking about, they summarize the leases every month. And guess what genre is the most popular? No, it is not that of a company held by Fraserside Holdings, Ltd., although I try to make every effort possible to support and promote them. No, the people want "Der/Die/Das Sperma... xxx", as I like to call it; to put it briefly, they want "cheap and dirty" production.
Why? Because it gives them an opportunity to escape from the everyday reality, from their daily chores and boring stereotype. They want something new, something unusual, some novelty. They want an escape into the "world of fantasy", where nothing is forbidden for them, where nothing is barred. They view it as their freedom - and that is why they enjoy such "trips".

And anal sex is no different. Many people (mostly men, i.e. males) want to try it, because:
1.) It is (or can be) a new experience. New feelings, experiences - this is what drives them into it. The sheer excitement of new adventure.
2.) Sometimes it is an expression of mutual love, interdependence, as partners are "at the mercy" of each other, it increases the level of perception of the mutual bond between them. Some women like to be dominated, like to "be humiliated" - this is their way. I won't divulge on why it is so here, as that would go beyond the scope of this post.
3.) It is (what I would call) some neurotic need, as many women refuse to do it, without giving a proper reason, or they do not want to discuss it at all. This is often something that makes men angry, or at least frustrated. After all, she is supposed to "share", right? And now she is withholding something, for no apparent reason. And does not even want to communicate with her partner about it. And it is probably not just in this, but also in other things and aspects of love. Something has gone wrong, perhaps it is just a small communication problem, but the relationship may be already going into deep freeze... So, both parties may panic. And this creates the distress and anxiety that both partners experience. The man is frustrated by the denial of his partner. The woman may be frustrated by her partner's attitude. The man gets under pressure, well, he usually is under pressure, but it may intensify. He, too, needs to relax sometimes and sex is 1 of the best stress relievers. He needs to relax and he needs to do it in a warm and loving environment, where he can feel free and safe. He wants to share with his partner, but she is not open to him she shows a hostile attitude, behaving like an adversary, treating him with concealed enmity. And so he starts to look elsewhere... He just wants to relax - and if his partner won't let him do it, he will find a substitute. And sexual fantasies are very important form him. He considers his sexuality as a proof of his virility and manhood in general. Or at least it is so in "his male world", where he needs to compete with other males. And if he is denied it,... he turns to the screen, where he can find at least a little bit of his fantasies. There are women who are open, it makes no problem for them to do it, unlike that maudlin big **** whom he has at home, who would not even talk about it. He is a little disgusted about her, and finds consolation in his fantasies. And the more his partner may deny it, the more likely will he seek consolation elsewhere. And he may at some time place "anal" as a condition, just to test whether his partner will be a similar nuisance. If not, he will be satisfies. If so, however, he may get irritated.

So, to sum it up: many men just want to try it, because they have not so far. And since it is not so common, the demand will be even higher. They will seek it. And whoever provides it to them, will gain an advantage with them.
I think this is so because anal sex is still relatively rare, and it may therefore be considered as a kind of novelty for many. That is what is in their fantasies and... the movies just cater for them. Yes, I think that the scarce availability od anal sex in "ordinary life" is the main factor.

As for actresses... Personally, I do not think there is room for those who would not do it. Ugh, do you remember Woodman's castings? I tell you (from my own experience) that life in the biz is... like living on the edge and sometimes on the brink of physical and mental breakdown. Seldom do you "look back".

Many girls, especially the newcomers, may be a little hesitant. But it is also the task of the director to make the actors "behave". But it usually somehow works out in the end.

Finally, I'd like do apologize for any possible errors I may have made, but English is not my native language. Moreover, I am in a hurry, so please forgive me that I neglect to review what I have written.

So I hope that you may find this at least a little helpful. If so, I am glad for the opportunity to contribute.

Thank you very much. Special thanks go to Suchtig for asking this question.”

Me again…..

I like hearing guys views on sex. Women are always so willing to talk about it at length, but it is rare to get a good male point of view other than my husband’s.

When my daughter was in high school I heard from several of the girls that said they will allow their boyfriends to perform anal sex, but not vaginal. They see this as a form of birth control and virginity protection. I can honestly say that when I was that age, anal sex was the farthest thing from my mind possible.

And speaking of anal sex; this is hysterical:

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Porn Forums - What An Odd Hobby! 

How did I, a seemingly normal woman by all accounts, get so wrapped up in porn forums?

Years ago I stumbled across a porn forum and joined it as a lark. Now I am an administrator for one of the top rated (for quality not size) porn forums in the world.
How did a lark evolve into a full time hobby?

When I first started posting on porn forums a 500kb file was seen as huge. That should give you an idea of how long ago it was! When people were dealing with 14.4k and 28.8k forums, any video clip at all was treasured. The quality of the videos was crap at best, yet we loved them anyway. Today the videos are completely different. I regularly post full videos that are 1.3 gigabytes in size and it only takes me a few hours to upload them. Normal scenes average about 350MB each. The quality of some of the videos is comparable to DVDs. The thought of a 500K file is laughable.

Storage has always been an issue. We have gone through major highs and major lows when it comes to finding somewhere to store the files. We have had to cut the files into tiny little pieces and then after downloading they have to be put all back together. We have had to rename file extensions. We have had to use cloaking programs to totally hide what a file is. We have had to spilt files up and put the pieces on multiple hosts. Now and then we would find the odd host that would allow full files. Today we have several different options. Rapidshare allows 100MB files, so splitting is easy. Filecloud allows any size file at all. Several other hosts allow files that are 500MB-1gigabyte.
We have dealt with link thieves by the hundreds. Nothing kills a file faster than a link thief! Luckily some of the new storage sites are more accommodating to widespread link posting.

I have met many people through porn forums. In fact there are some of them that I have known since the very beginning. A few come and go and you never know where or when you will see them pop up. A few I am pretty close with. When you talk to someone on IRC almost daily for about 8 years there really isn’t that much you don’t know about them. There are good guys and there are asses just like in “real life.” Some you look forward to seeing post, and others you just cringe when you see their name.

Over the years I have had a great time posting. I am lucky that I have a husband who accepts what I do when it comes to posting porn. Of course he benefits from it because I always keep his porn supply at a maximum.

I used to take posting very seriously. I wanted to get as many replies as possible. The goal was to get more replies than anyone else. I now realize how silly that is. I just post my movies and if people like them, then good. If not, oh well. With the storage we use today I can see exactly how many people download my files. That gives me a general idea of what people want to see. While sure, comments are nice, I no longer feel the need to get more than anyone else. This is a hobby and I treat it as such.

Always remember this, “It’s just porn!” Remember that and you will have much more fun posting in the long run.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Bobby Says, "Make Me Famous!" 

Are you a celebrity gossip junkie? Do you get a kick out of seeing Britney Spears looking like pure what trash? Do the pictures of the Manson – Von Teese wedding make you swoon? Does Bobby Trendy send you into a fit of the giggles?
If you are like me, then you look forward to seeing all the latest in celebrity goofiness.

Luckily, Bobby Scharff has started a celebrity gossip blog! Here you can get your fix of some of the best in celebrity dirt and photos. You can also get to know Bobby through some of his personal posts, which sometimes are really pretty funny.

Take a few minutes to visit Bobby here:


Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

The Government Is Making Me A Criminal! 

We tried to get the tags changed over on both the car and the truck today, but it was a no-go. You have to have utility bills, and paperwork out the butt. Of course to get the paperwork you have to stand in line forever. Then you get to fill it out and stand in the mile long line all over again. In the end we decided we will probably just have the tags renewed in Florida and be done with it. While we are supposed to have them transferred to Ohio because we live here, we can technically get away with it because we still own the house in Florida. All of my ID is from Florida, so I guess that would still be my legal address.
Why does the government feel the need to make everything so difficult? If I have all of the paperwork showing that I own my vehicle and it has perfectly legal tags in Florida, why is it such a major hassle to get them transferred to another state? That makes absolutely no sense to me. It just pushes people to go against the wishes of the government.

On a totally different note; If Chris doesn’t win this season’s American Idol I will firmly believe there is a fix going on.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


I have a love/hate relationship going on with Wal-Mart.
I love their prices, cheap cheap cheap! I love the selection; they always seem to have just what I’m looking for. I love their locations; there is a “regular” right around the corner, and a super center just a few miles away.
What I hate is the fact that I can’t just go in and get the one thing I went there for.
Take today for example; all I wanted was a plunger, but could I leave with just a plunger? Of course not! I left with my $7 plunger, and $85 worth of crap I had no intention of buying. How pathetic is that? They suck me in and won’t let me leave until I spend at least $100. And the worst part? All I bought for myself was a plunger, a pair of socks, and a pack of hair scrunchies. The rest of the stuff was all for my daughter and my granddaughter. I am such a sucker.

The weather today was beyond fabulous. I walked out with my jacket on, and immediately took it right back off. The sun was shining brighter than it has in weeks, it was warm out, and there was no wind. I drove down the road with the windows open and the radio blasting some old school electro. I couldn’t have asked for a better day. The amazing thing? Tomorrow is supposed to be even nicer!

Tonight AP0k took me to dinner at Don Pablo’s, which is one of my favorite places. After that we went to Sam’s Club and bought a few things (yes, the Wal-Mart corp. got even more of my money!)

Tomorrow I have to go to the post office and then head for the tag office. It’s time to get our car tags changed over to Ohio. What fun!

I am uploading some new movies so make sure to check Leatherpupptez blog Wednesday afternoon to see what I have this time. Hopefully it’s something you will like.