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Friday, March 10, 2006

Why Is Anal Sex So Popular? 

Suchtig brought up a good question on TCRF the other day. “Why is anal sex so popular in porn these days?” That was something I had actually been thinking about myself recently. It used to be that once you saw an actress do anal, that meant her career was on the downslide. It is completely different today. It seems that almost all of the new movies feature anal in at least one scene, if not more. The top new actresses are all doing anal scenes now. It has even gotten to the point where even seeing a DAP scene (double anal penetration) is not seen as shocking.

Suchtig’s comment on the subject was a bit surprising to me. He said:
“I don't understand why any woman would want to have anal sex, but there does seem to be a number of porn stars that specialize in it. Frankly, I'm not even sure why a man would want to have anal sex (with a woman). I've never heard of an erogenous zone within the anus, so it must be something between the ears.”

MuadDib had a very interesting reply to the question:
“Thank you very much, for that question, Suchtig, at least I can contribute to a Contributor with something when I can't upload (or at least not at the moment). I have asked this question myself a long time ago. I have discussed it since with many people: psychologist, sexologists, actresses,...

Personally, I am a great fan of anal sex. And I require a girl to be open about it. No, she does not have to do it, but she must know why, not because of some prejudice of because of plain ignorance. I would not accept it. She may make a decision, but it must be an informed one. E.g. like ^AGFH^ said, if she says she has tried it but she doesn't find it comfortable (and tells me why), then why on earth would I want to pressure her into doing it?! I think that it can be great at times. But if she thinks, at any time, that there is something better, why not give way to the better option?
Why a man would like to have anal sex with a woman? (Not necessarily being active)
Besides, how about posting some guide to anal sex, how about the ultimate one? I wonder if you have seen "The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex" with Tristan Taormino. (Sorry about that "beating around the bush", but, you know, it's the Rules) If you have access to P2P networks, it should be no problem. I got it about 3 years ago (when I was at university).

But you probably mean anal sex "on screen", done "professionally", right? So, competition in this business is getting tougher. Porn is becoming "mainstream", the industry is growing and therefore internal competition increases. And some guys prosper beacuse they cater to those needs. There are guys in this business who think that they will win if they offer something even more extreme than the competitors. And there is plenty of gonzo stuff today, much more than in the past, where the only plot that will suffice, is some "asshole overload". And many people will go ahead and get it.
Are you now asking why? People just want "those perversions", as a good friend of mine has told me. He has the largest network of sexshops in Bratislava (and Slovakia as well), so he knows what he is talking about, they summarize the leases every month. And guess what genre is the most popular? No, it is not that of a company held by Fraserside Holdings, Ltd., although I try to make every effort possible to support and promote them. No, the people want "Der/Die/Das Sperma... xxx", as I like to call it; to put it briefly, they want "cheap and dirty" production.
Why? Because it gives them an opportunity to escape from the everyday reality, from their daily chores and boring stereotype. They want something new, something unusual, some novelty. They want an escape into the "world of fantasy", where nothing is forbidden for them, where nothing is barred. They view it as their freedom - and that is why they enjoy such "trips".

And anal sex is no different. Many people (mostly men, i.e. males) want to try it, because:
1.) It is (or can be) a new experience. New feelings, experiences - this is what drives them into it. The sheer excitement of new adventure.
2.) Sometimes it is an expression of mutual love, interdependence, as partners are "at the mercy" of each other, it increases the level of perception of the mutual bond between them. Some women like to be dominated, like to "be humiliated" - this is their way. I won't divulge on why it is so here, as that would go beyond the scope of this post.
3.) It is (what I would call) some neurotic need, as many women refuse to do it, without giving a proper reason, or they do not want to discuss it at all. This is often something that makes men angry, or at least frustrated. After all, she is supposed to "share", right? And now she is withholding something, for no apparent reason. And does not even want to communicate with her partner about it. And it is probably not just in this, but also in other things and aspects of love. Something has gone wrong, perhaps it is just a small communication problem, but the relationship may be already going into deep freeze... So, both parties may panic. And this creates the distress and anxiety that both partners experience. The man is frustrated by the denial of his partner. The woman may be frustrated by her partner's attitude. The man gets under pressure, well, he usually is under pressure, but it may intensify. He, too, needs to relax sometimes and sex is 1 of the best stress relievers. He needs to relax and he needs to do it in a warm and loving environment, where he can feel free and safe. He wants to share with his partner, but she is not open to him she shows a hostile attitude, behaving like an adversary, treating him with concealed enmity. And so he starts to look elsewhere... He just wants to relax - and if his partner won't let him do it, he will find a substitute. And sexual fantasies are very important form him. He considers his sexuality as a proof of his virility and manhood in general. Or at least it is so in "his male world", where he needs to compete with other males. And if he is denied it,... he turns to the screen, where he can find at least a little bit of his fantasies. There are women who are open, it makes no problem for them to do it, unlike that maudlin big **** whom he has at home, who would not even talk about it. He is a little disgusted about her, and finds consolation in his fantasies. And the more his partner may deny it, the more likely will he seek consolation elsewhere. And he may at some time place "anal" as a condition, just to test whether his partner will be a similar nuisance. If not, he will be satisfies. If so, however, he may get irritated.

So, to sum it up: many men just want to try it, because they have not so far. And since it is not so common, the demand will be even higher. They will seek it. And whoever provides it to them, will gain an advantage with them.
I think this is so because anal sex is still relatively rare, and it may therefore be considered as a kind of novelty for many. That is what is in their fantasies and... the movies just cater for them. Yes, I think that the scarce availability od anal sex in "ordinary life" is the main factor.

As for actresses... Personally, I do not think there is room for those who would not do it. Ugh, do you remember Woodman's castings? I tell you (from my own experience) that life in the biz is... like living on the edge and sometimes on the brink of physical and mental breakdown. Seldom do you "look back".

Many girls, especially the newcomers, may be a little hesitant. But it is also the task of the director to make the actors "behave". But it usually somehow works out in the end.

Finally, I'd like do apologize for any possible errors I may have made, but English is not my native language. Moreover, I am in a hurry, so please forgive me that I neglect to review what I have written.

So I hope that you may find this at least a little helpful. If so, I am glad for the opportunity to contribute.

Thank you very much. Special thanks go to Suchtig for asking this question.”

Me again…..

I like hearing guys views on sex. Women are always so willing to talk about it at length, but it is rare to get a good male point of view other than my husband’s.

When my daughter was in high school I heard from several of the girls that said they will allow their boyfriends to perform anal sex, but not vaginal. They see this as a form of birth control and virginity protection. I can honestly say that when I was that age, anal sex was the farthest thing from my mind possible.

And speaking of anal sex; this is hysterical:
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