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The life of a porn addicted housewife.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

How Private Is Your Information? 

Is your personal info as private as you think it is?

While looking for a house I have found ways to get a lot of info on a person. All I need is an address or a name, and for some things all I need is a street name.
I can find out how much you paid for your house, how much your house is actually worth according to the government, all of the information about the inside of your house (how many rooms, square footage, etc), how much you pay for utilities, and even how much you pay for property taxes and if you are current on the tax payments.

Do to a change in our car insurance I found that if you have a person’s driver’s license number you can find out if there are any items pending on their license.

All of the above information is available for free; you just have to know where to look to find it.

http://zillow.com is of course a good place to start looking for info on someone’s house. You can find some of the information on the inside of the house and you can see an estimate of it’s value.

A better place to look is your county’s auditor’s or recorder’s websites. For my county I can put in a street name and then find out all of the details including price and tax info on every house on that street including the names of the owners.

To find out what a person pays for utilities, all you have to do is call the electric/gas company and ask. Just today I called and said “I am thinking of buying a house and I was wondering if you could tell me what the bills are each month.” The girl on the phone answered, “Sure! What’s the address?” She then gave me all of the info I wanted.

Now of course it may not be the same in all states or all counties, but what I have told you above does apply in Hamilton County Ohio. Your state or county may have the information in a different place, but I am sure if you hunt around you will be able to find it.

Once you start looking you will be amazed at the amount of information you can dig up about a person in a very short time, and for free!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Johnny Cash & Bob Hope

Two of my favorites in one video!
Johnny Cash on the Muppet Show

That Dirty Old Egg Sucking Dog!
Johnny Cash on Sesame Street

Johnny Cash and Big Bird? How can you top that????
Johnny Cash & The Monkees

Some things are just too cool for description!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

TCRF and MM Are Having Major Issues 

Both TCRF and MM are having major server issues at the moment.

TCRF's redirect is intermitantly accessing a spam page. Neither forum will load correctly. Sometimes it loads with an old backup, sometimes only the top banner loads. More often than not you will get a "Page Cannot Be Displayed" error.

The server owners have been contacted for assistance.

Keep your fingers croseed that Trader has a current back up if we need it!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Bette Page Documentary 

This is a true documentary, not the big screen fluff.

It requires the DivX codec.

Each piece is viewable, no need to join the files unless you want to.



Friday, June 16, 2006

Torn Between Desire and Brains 

I am torn in so many directions over this whole house hunt thing.

Part of me says to be reasonable and buy one close to where Ap0k works so that no matter what the weather is, he can still get there.

Part of me says; just find the house you want. He said he would buy a 4-wheel drive truck if he has to.

Part of me says; do you really want to get into an older home that may need repairs down the line? I am capable of home repairs though.

There is a house I REALLY want. It is in a nice area and it’s in GREAT shape. All I would really have to do to restore it is strip the paint of the woodwork, which is original by the way. It still has it’s leaded stained glass windows. It’s a 3 story with a full unfinished basement.

This house is very (surprisingly) affordable. The house 2 doors down is for sale for $50,000 more than the one I want. Another house down the road from it is in the process of being sold for $50,000 more than the one I want. I looked at one of them and the only real difference is that the more expensive one has already had the woodwork stripped and the basement is finished. I can do that for WAY less than $50,000!

The drawbacks are that it is a bit of a drive for Ap0k to get back and forth to work, and the roads aren’t in that great of condition. Of course if he buys a truck like he says then I won’t have to worry about him beating his car to death.

I have looked at literally hundreds of houses and I keep coming back to this one.
I REALLY want it. It’s everything I said I wanted in the beginning.

Do the pros outweigh the cons?

ARGH!!!! To stressful!!!!!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Koala and the Little Lizard 

A koala is sitting in a gum tree smoking a joint

when a little lizard walks past, and looks up and says

"Hey Koala ! What are you doing?"

The koala says: "Smoking a joint, come up and have some."

So the little lizard climbs up and sits next to the koala and they have a few joints.

After a while the little lizard says his mouth is 'dry' and is going to get a drink from the river.

But the little lizard is so stoned that he leans too far over and falls into the river.

A crocodile sees this and swims over to the little lizard and helps him to the side, then asks the little lizard: "What's the matter with you?"

The little lizard explains to the crocodile that he was sitting smoking a joint with the koala in the tree, got too stoned and then fell into the river while taking a drink.

The crocodile says he has to check this out and walks into the rain forest, finds the tree where the koala is sitting finishing a joint, and he looks up and says "Hey you!"

The koala looks down at him and says:

"Fuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkk dude... How much water did you drink?!!"

Saturday, June 10, 2006

A Ride To Nowhere 

The other day Ap0k and I were driving down I-75 South heading into Cincinnati when I saw two very large doors on the side of the road. The doors, surrounded by large concrete frames were placed directly on a hillside, and it was evident that whatever was behind them was underground.
We discussed what could possibly be under the hill, but since we just moved here we of course had no real idea. All we could think of was that it was possibly some sort of bomb or storm shelter.

Today, while I was looking for picture of Cincinnati on Google I came across something that to me was pretty interesting. It was a picture of the doors!

Apparently during the 1920’s Cincinnati began building a subway system but in 1928 ran out of money and the project was never completed. There are actually three stations under the city also. No tracks were ever laid and neither the tunnels nor the stations have ever been used.

When the money ran out the open ends of the tunnels were simply closed off with either bricks, doors, or grates. Over time the grates have been replaced with doors to keep people out.

In the 1960’s the Liberty Street Station was converted into a nuclear fallout shelter. Beds and supplies were laid, but of course it was never used.

The layout of the subway system must have been good because today they have built major roads directly over the top of the tunnels. This includes Central Parkway and parts of I-75.

Recently it was proposed that the subway system be completed, but because the project had an estimated cost of 2.6 Billion dollars and would take approximately 30 years to complete it was rejected.

Here are some pictures of what the subway looks like today:

If you would like to see more pictures or read more information on the abandoned subway line I recommend the following sites:


Free Money 

Don't you just love it when you open your mailbox and find a good-sized check you weren't even expecting!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

What Is It? 

This is my first attempt at a “what is it” post, so don’t laugh. None of them are very difficult.
You’d be amazed at how hard it is to find objects to photograph at 2AM.

All of the pictures feature common everyday items (in the US.)

What is it?



What is it?



What is it?



What is it?



What is it?



What is it?



What is it?



What is it?



What is it?



What is it?



What is it?



Those were too easy. Next time I will try for something more difficult.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Boredom Shopping 

I have developed the nasty habit of going shopping when I am bored.
It would not be so bad if I was buying things I needed, but I am amassing a large pile of unread books.
Whenever I get to feeling this way I hit Borders or Half-Price-Books and load up.
Not good at all. I am feeling like that today, so I am making sure Ap0k takes the truck to work. The stores are too far away to walk to so I will be safe! But dang it, I have a coupon for 20% off a book at Borders. ARGH!

Sometimes I need a WalMart fix. I go in and buy the stupidest things I have no use or need for. Did I REALLY need to buy that over-the-door shower rack? Do I REALLY need 10 new pairs of undies when I already have stacks of them? Do I REALLY need more clothes when I already have a closet full that I don’t wear? Do I REALLY need more bottles of soaps and shower gels? Nope, I don’t think so!

Well, at least I don’t buy shoes……yet.