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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

How Private Is Your Information? 

Is your personal info as private as you think it is?

While looking for a house I have found ways to get a lot of info on a person. All I need is an address or a name, and for some things all I need is a street name.
I can find out how much you paid for your house, how much your house is actually worth according to the government, all of the information about the inside of your house (how many rooms, square footage, etc), how much you pay for utilities, and even how much you pay for property taxes and if you are current on the tax payments.

Do to a change in our car insurance I found that if you have a person’s driver’s license number you can find out if there are any items pending on their license.

All of the above information is available for free; you just have to know where to look to find it.

http://zillow.com is of course a good place to start looking for info on someone’s house. You can find some of the information on the inside of the house and you can see an estimate of it’s value.

A better place to look is your county’s auditor’s or recorder’s websites. For my county I can put in a street name and then find out all of the details including price and tax info on every house on that street including the names of the owners.

To find out what a person pays for utilities, all you have to do is call the electric/gas company and ask. Just today I called and said “I am thinking of buying a house and I was wondering if you could tell me what the bills are each month.” The girl on the phone answered, “Sure! What’s the address?” She then gave me all of the info I wanted.

Now of course it may not be the same in all states or all counties, but what I have told you above does apply in Hamilton County Ohio. Your state or county may have the information in a different place, but I am sure if you hunt around you will be able to find it.

Once you start looking you will be amazed at the amount of information you can dig up about a person in a very short time, and for free!
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