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The life of a porn addicted housewife.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

One More Day 

Only one more day until we officially move into our new house. The movers will be here at 7:30AM tomorrow morning. I started packing up everything here last night. I have the closets emptied, the bathroom is done, the clothes are all packed except for what we need to wear, and the hall storage closet is all packed away and ready to go.
Today I will pack up the kitchen, which should take very little time, and the computer room, which I am dreading. Ap0k has already loaded up most of the stuff from the garage into my truck and is taking it over to the house now. The more we can get over there ourselves today, the cheaper the bill will be tomorrow.
We are leaving the big things to the movers like the fridge, the washer and dryer, the bed, the TV, the gigantor couch, etc. Oh, and my mass amounts of books too. There are approx. 15 boxes each weighing about 50 pounds and each one has to go on the third floor. Oh well, I guess that’s why the moving company gets paid so much. I know I would much rather pay someone to move them up there than to try to do it myself!
Thankfully Ap0k was able to get time off of work so I won’t have to do the whole move myself again. That’s not something I wanted to do.
I can’t wait to see the driver’s faces when they see the weights and bench though. The last time you would have thought I had asked them to pick up the whole house at once. Apparently movers are not fond of weight sets.

OK, I am getting nothing done sitting here am I?

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Now THAT'S What I Call A View! 

This is the view of downtown Cincinnati (on the left of the river) and Kentucky (on the right of the river) as seen from Mount Echo Park in Price Hill. This is why we don't need flood insurance. If the river ever comes up this high the people at the insurance company will have already left the country.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

So Much To Do - So Little Time 

Lordy Lordy I have SOOO much to do and SOOOOOOO little time!

The living room, dining room, and entry room are done except for minor touch-ups on the ceilings. I have started the stairways and the 2nd floor hall. I still have to get at least one of the bedrooms done before we move in.
One of the kitchen cabinets needs to be lifted a few inches so that my fridge will fit under it. We need to go buy a new stove. We need to buy living room furniture because the big ass sectional sofa that we have now won’t fit through any of the doors of the new house!
ARGH!!! It’s less than two years old and is in PERFECT condition. I have to pack up the entire house, but from experience I know that I can do that in less than 24 hours flat. We have to go get a new bed. Ap0k has gotten so big from weightlifting that a queen size bed just isn’t big enough anymore. The bed we have now is only 2 years old so I will stick it in the guest room.
I can honestly say that I am a bit overwhelmed at the moment.

We pulled up the carpets over the weekend and the wood floors are in really really good shape. Because they are faded to several different tones throughout the 3 rooms we want to see how much it will cost to have them refinished. We also really need to get the second bit of the 1st to 2nd floor stairs refinished because they have of course seen A LOT of traffic. We had an appointment for an estimate today. The guy was supposed to be there between 10-11:00am. At 12:30pm he finally called and said he was running late (DUH!) but that he would be there within the hour. Well the dumbass never showed up!
His loss, I was ready to fork over money for a lot of work to be done. We’ll call someone else to come give an estimate I guess.

Thankfully they are paving my new street! It was really rough, bumpy, and full of pot holes. Ap0k’s poor mistress just didn’t like the road at all. In fact he had to go several blocks out of the way just to miss as much of the crap as possible.

Speaking of Ap0k’s mistress; she JUST fits in the new garage. And I do mean JUST!!!
There is no way on earth I could ever get it in enough to close the door. I don’t know how he does it. He gets the nose of her about ¼ inch from the back wall and the door closes with about 1 inch to spare behind the car. There is plenty of space on either side, but lengthwise…..sheesh! We will probably either get the garage extended or replaced soon. I am rooting for extending it out the back. I would hate to lose the original front of it because the brick matches the brick of the house.

I know that I have said it before, but it needs to be repeated:

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Soccer Babies And More 

Yesterday I was on my way to the post office when I passed a soccer school that boasts "Classes For 18 Months Through 6 Years old."
18 MONTHS???
What kind of a fruit loop sends their 18 month old to soccer classes?
I had my own 18 month old and spent a lot of time with two others, and trust me, they are NOT ready for sports at that age.
This has to be the most ridiculous thing I have EVER heard of!
This whole "Soccer Mom Nation" has finally lost it's frikkin mind.

On a happier note; tomorrow starts the annual library warehouse sale. I will be there when the doors open ready to elbow the bitches out of the way!

On another happy note; the painting is coming along nicely. The dining room is finished except for touch-ups, the livingroom needs one more light coat, and the entrance room needs a light coat in the main part of the room (haven't braved the stairway yet.)
It's a good thing we decided to leave the carpet down until after the painting was completed because last night I dumped a small tray of marigold paint right in the middle of the livingroom floor. You would be amazed at how far a small bit of paint can go when it falls off of a ladder!
Ap0k said it looked like "an unfortunate cheeze-whiz accident."

I should be down there today, but I decided I really should clean THIS house up a bit first. Of course it would be nice if I actually started cleaning instead of just sitting here writing this..........

Monday, August 14, 2006


Man I am beat. This is harder than I thought it would be.
We got the first floor all taped up and primed yesterday. Today we got the dining room painted and the paint cut in in the entrance room.
The walls are 10’ high and I think I have been up and down the ladder about eight billion times. My back is sore, my neck is stiff, and my legs are all wobbly.

We chose a pretty green for the dining room, a red-orange for the entrance room, and a marigold for the living room. All of the colors flow really nicely from one room to the next (there’s something I never thought I would say!) When the painting is finished we are going to take the carpet out of the living room, the entrance room, and the stairs. I have no idea what the condition of the wood is underneath, but I am going into it with an open mind. I know that the floors throughout the entire rest of the house are in great condition so they shouldn’t be too bad.

I am going to leave the kitchen as it is for now. It has a nice calm white wallpaper with tiny blue-green flowers. While it’s not what I would pick, it’s pretty enough for now. I would like to paint it a nice blue eventually.

When we get the first floor done we will move on to the second. I want to paint our bedroom coffee, coffee with cream, and marshmallow. That is what I did in Tampa and it came out really nice. I need to strip the paint off the floor boards and the built in wardrobe. Now what on earth possessed someone to paint it white???

We also need to update the faucets in the second floor bathroom. That’s minor though.

Here’s a question:
It’s pretty much a proven fact that 90 years ago people were shorter than they are today. So how come my back steps are so high? I am 5’9” and I have to practically drag myself up the steps. Odd!

God I love this house!!!!!!
I never imagined that we would ever have a house this nice or this big.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Our New House 

Sorry I have been among the missing this week.
Monday morning Ap0k and I finally bought our new house!

It is 91 years old and is in amazing shape. It still has all of it's original woodwork, the original pocket doors, the original hardwood floors, and all of the original stained glass windows. It has 3 full floors plus a full basement. I love it more than a person should possible love an inatimate object. THis truly is my dream house! The entire 3rd floor is mine and I am going to make a library and a kick ass craft room up there.
We have been spending the evenings there getting the first floor ready for paint. It took 3 days to tape off all of the wood work and windows!

I will post more pictures soon.

I am sooooooooooo happy!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Jenna In Wax 

Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum in Las Vegas unveiled the new Jenna Jameson wax figure on August 2nd.
This just proves the effect that Jenna has had on popular culture.

Ice Cube It Was A Good Day

Doesn't get much better than this.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A Baby Bunny Comes To Visit 

Monday evening Ap0k and I were sitting in the living room watching TV as usual. From where I sit I have a direct view out of the sliding glass doors so I am always seeing birds and squirrels in the back yard.
Out of the corner of my eye I saw something outside moving around and assumed it was a bird. When I looked up I realized it had ears. Birds don’t have ears!
It was a tiny tiny baby bunny. We hopped up and I grabbed my camera and we went out the front door so that we could sneak around back without scaring him off. We took turns taking his picture and in the end I got about 4 feet from him before he hopped off.

Baby bunnies are just TOO cute!!!!!!!