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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

So Much To Do - So Little Time 

Lordy Lordy I have SOOO much to do and SOOOOOOO little time!

The living room, dining room, and entry room are done except for minor touch-ups on the ceilings. I have started the stairways and the 2nd floor hall. I still have to get at least one of the bedrooms done before we move in.
One of the kitchen cabinets needs to be lifted a few inches so that my fridge will fit under it. We need to go buy a new stove. We need to buy living room furniture because the big ass sectional sofa that we have now won’t fit through any of the doors of the new house!
ARGH!!! It’s less than two years old and is in PERFECT condition. I have to pack up the entire house, but from experience I know that I can do that in less than 24 hours flat. We have to go get a new bed. Ap0k has gotten so big from weightlifting that a queen size bed just isn’t big enough anymore. The bed we have now is only 2 years old so I will stick it in the guest room.
I can honestly say that I am a bit overwhelmed at the moment.

We pulled up the carpets over the weekend and the wood floors are in really really good shape. Because they are faded to several different tones throughout the 3 rooms we want to see how much it will cost to have them refinished. We also really need to get the second bit of the 1st to 2nd floor stairs refinished because they have of course seen A LOT of traffic. We had an appointment for an estimate today. The guy was supposed to be there between 10-11:00am. At 12:30pm he finally called and said he was running late (DUH!) but that he would be there within the hour. Well the dumbass never showed up!
His loss, I was ready to fork over money for a lot of work to be done. We’ll call someone else to come give an estimate I guess.

Thankfully they are paving my new street! It was really rough, bumpy, and full of pot holes. Ap0k’s poor mistress just didn’t like the road at all. In fact he had to go several blocks out of the way just to miss as much of the crap as possible.

Speaking of Ap0k’s mistress; she JUST fits in the new garage. And I do mean JUST!!!
There is no way on earth I could ever get it in enough to close the door. I don’t know how he does it. He gets the nose of her about ¼ inch from the back wall and the door closes with about 1 inch to spare behind the car. There is plenty of space on either side, but lengthwise…..sheesh! We will probably either get the garage extended or replaced soon. I am rooting for extending it out the back. I would hate to lose the original front of it because the brick matches the brick of the house.

I know that I have said it before, but it needs to be repeated:
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