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The life of a porn addicted housewife.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Does This Mean I Am Officially Old??? 

This is the new song in an Ore Ida french Fry commercial!!!
I feel so old!

Friday, March 30, 2007


Several of my neighbors have those geese that you dress for holidays.
Well.......no one has ever accused me of being normal.....

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

TCRF Is Back In Action 

I am not locked out anymore!
Actually, I had forgotten completely that I was still logged in on my laptop. I was able to fix it from there.

Remember, don't forget to mail me if you have ANY problems logging in! I will fix it up as soon as I see your message.

A Nice Suprise 

As you know, we moved into our house at the beginning of last fall.
Imagine my suprise when these showed up as soon as spring came!

Now that the weather has warmed up I can continue working on the walls on the 3rd floor. We had turned the heat off up there and the walls were so cold I was afraid the paint wouldn't stick.
I've spent the last few days tidying up the yard, trimming the rose bushes back so that they are semi-managable, picking up all of the sticks and stuff that fell out of the trees over the winter, etc.
The weather has been astounding gorgeous. Highs in the high 70's-low 80's, bright sunshine, and little to no humidity. We've had all of the windows and doors open trying to get the house aired out. It's amazing how stinky a house can get when you keep it closed up tight for months. LOL!
I am sooooooooooooooo happy that Spring is here!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 23, 2007

TCRF Is Broken! 

How lovely, I am locked out of my own forum! What kind of crap is that?
We have had major problems with the forum script (yABB2)ever since we changed it over from yABB1. It keeps deleting members out of the member list and then has to be manually rebuilt to get everyone back in.
Normally I am able to get in and fix it, but I knew the day would come when it would zap me too.
Today was the day. I am unable to log into either of my Admin accounts.
I have mailed Trader (the co-admin) and I hope like hell that he can get in. Maybe THIS will convince him that we need a new script!?!?!?!?!
Send those cards and letters to Trader people!
We need a new script!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Elton John - Your Song - Live in Central Park 

27 years later and I STILL don't get the duck suit.

Elton John - Funeral For A Friend - Love Lies Bleeding 

Because I am not able to walk and chew gum at the same time, I am totally baffled at how this man plays the piano and sings like this at the same time.
Simply one of the most fantastic performances EVER, by anyone.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Dragon Fetus!!! 

Looky what I found....a dragon fetus! OK, my little sister found it first, but she shared him with me.
And it looks just like my tattoo!!!

I adopted a cute lil' dragon fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!

Make sure to check them out. They have a bunch of different little fetuses. Too funny!

Also check the links on the site. Pay particular attention to the link for Shag Mart.
I keep meaning to put up a link to that site. Actually, I must update ALL of my links soon.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Something To Pass The Time 

Here are a couple things you may or may not be interested in. I guess it depends on if you get as bored as I do sometimes.

Treasure Trooper is a site that pays you to look at ads, respond to offers, and to shop. You can earn anywhere from 50 cents to 33 dollars per offer. There are free offers that require no credit cards and trial/paid offers that do.
In just over one month I have earned $38.45 without using a credit card.
Hey, it's a way to pass the time when you have nothing else to do right?

Inbox Dollars is a pretty much the same deal only they send you mail and when you click the links in the mails you get paid anywhere from 2 to 10 cents. You can also earn more money by responding to the same types of offers that Treasure Trooper has.

A bit of advice on both of these sites:
After responding to a few of the offers/surveys make sure to clean your cookies. This will help your approval rate.
Also make sure to use several different email addresses as this too will help your approvals go through.

Can you tell I have been housebound and bored lately?