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The life of a porn addicted housewife.

Friday, December 30, 2005


I’m feeling much better today, but for some reason if I look at my computer for more than five minutes I get a raging headache. So bad that it makes me want to throw up. Maybe that’s someone telling me I need to step away from it for a few days?
I’ve watched so much TV lately. I have to say that I am sick to death of toilet paper, hemorrhoid cream, body itch, and car dealer commercials. Car commercials scream at me, and the others are just gross.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Thank You Ap0k! 

Still not feeling top dollar, but I do feel at least 75 cents worth today.

I want to send out a special thank you to Ap0k for taking such good care of me. On top of working like a mad man, he has made sure I ate, checked on me off and on throughout the day, brought me dinner every night, rubbed my back and my neck, and even took me for a drive so that I could get some fresh air.
He’s not complained that the house looks like a tornado went through it or that I haven’t washed dishes in 3 days.
It’s really nice to have someone who watches over you when you feel so bad. Just having him here with me has made me feel better. When you look in the mirror and realize you haven’t even brushed your hair in 3 days, but your husband hasn’t complained, you know you have a keeper.

Today I will dig out the kitchen, change the litter box, and shower. Then the whole house (including me) will smell better!

Monday, December 26, 2005

An Apology 

I feel that I owe all of you an apology. I have been terribly negative lately and I guess I should explain why.
I am having some health issues which are driving me insane. I won’t go into detail about them because I know a lot of guys read this. Let’s just say that reaching 40 didn’t seem to sit well with me physically. This last month has been the worst ever. I am horribly light headed and I am suffering from near migraines. When I stand up and walk to the kitchen my head just pounds. I’ve been very very tired also. I think I am anemic so last night I started taking iron pills. Ap0k is starting to get worried about me. I feel bad about that because he is so busy with work. He doesn’t need me throwing a monkey wrench in his schedule. Maybe it’s time that I just got rid of all the girly bits? My hormones are pretty much ruling my life right now. I am not thrilled about that in the slightest. I have tons of things I need to be doing, but I can’t seem to get up the ambition to do them.

I will try to write things that are a bit more positive in the future.

Saturday, December 24, 2005


Christmas Eve is nothing like it used to be.

When I was little, Christmas Eve was the most exciting night of the year. I knew that Santa was coming and that when I woke up in the morning I would have all kinds of surprises. It would be hard to go to sleep because I wanted to here the reindeer on the roof. I would toss and turn until I finally fell asleep unwilling.

When I got older and had a child of my own Christmas Eve was still exciting. Ap0k and I would wait until she finally fell asleep and then we would rush around getting her presents wrapped and under the tree. Everything had to be set up just right for when she woke up in the morning.

Well here it is Christmas Eve again and I am pretty much miserable. My daughter is grown and has a child of her own to deal with. It’s 10:30pm and Ap0k is asleep. I am sitting her alone, fussing with my computer, like almost every other night of the year.

What a thrill.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Say It Ain't So, Bo! 

Bo Bice, you have broken my heart!
I cheered you on every week. I rooted for you with all my heart.
Each week, even when you performed the 70’s songs you are so good at, you sang with the voice of an angel. You had that strong manly voice with just a touch of sweetness to it that grabbed my heart.


I just downloaded your new cd Bo, and let me say that I am shockingly disappointed. I was all ready to go out and actually PAY for it, and you know I almost never do that.
Until I listened to it that is. Who made you sing this garbage? Where did your edge go? Where did your depth go? Heck, where did your range go? I know that you had surgery earlier this year, and supposedly it was intestinal, but after listening to your new batch of songs I am beginning to wonder if what they actually did was neuter you.

Every one of these songs is completely generic. It sounds like absolutely every other song played in rotation on every single modern rock station across the country. If I hadn’t known before hand that it was you singing I wouldn’t have guessed it in a million years.

I’ve been looking forward to this cd ever since the end of the last season of AI. I can now honestly say that this is probably the biggest disappointment I have ever felt in a cd.

What a pity. You have such true talent, yet you allowed them to water you down into nothing more than a spot filler during commercials.

You can argue with me all day about how you had to get your foot in the door, but do you realize how many people won’t give you another shot? The people who voted for you did so because of what you are capable of. Giving them drivel in return is pretty much a slap in face.

I hope you come to realize the error of your ways. We have enough Creed wanna-be’s running around already. You can do so much better than that! And anyway, Scott Stapp is an ass. No one in their right mind would want to be him.

So you want to know how you can make this up to me. Release another cd pretty damn quick, and this one had better be more like what you were doing on American Idol. You were meant to sing ROCK, not crap.

Oh Bo, I am so disappointed in you.

Thursday, December 22, 2005


Sitting here converting and posting movies and am bored stiff. I really need a TV in here!!! All of my video software is on my PC, my laptop has bupkis. I keep running back and forth between the two so that I can catch of the HQ programming on HGTV.
Yes, I am a home improvement show junkie. Decorating shows, craft shows, cooking shows, you name it and I will watch it.
One thing I will not watch though is soap operas. Years ago, when I lived in North Florida, I was only able to pick up one channel on the tv so I became addicted to “The Young and the Restless” and “The Bold and the Beautiful.” I would get upset if I missed an episode. When we moved I vowed to never watch another one ever again.

Got my cats “fixed” yesterday. Tippy is doing fine. He’s already back to chasing the broom around the kitchen. Tiggy is fine, but she’s sore. All she wants to do is lay on the bed (not that I blame her.) They gave me pain pills for Tiggy but I haven’t given her any of them. While she seems sore, she really doesn’t appear to be in pain. When you go in to see her she jumps right up and wants petted. She purrs like a boat motor going full throttle. I will admit that they were pretty funny when I brought them home yesterday. Both of them were still completely drugged up. Neither one could walk a straight line or even sit up for more than a few seconds. I felt bad laughing at them because they were so confused, but dang it was funny to watch!

I have a question about the temperature in your house? What do you keep your thermostat set on? During the day I try to keep it at 67, but sometimes I go to 68. At night I set it to 65, though Ap0k prefers 61. What I don’t understand though is why some days I am perfectly fine at either 65 or 67, but on other days I am freezing at 68. Right now it’s 67 in here and I have on both a shirt and a sweater, but I am still cold. The other day I was running around in only a t-shirt and at 65 I was just fine.
Makes no sense to me!

I swear, if there was a contest for most boring blog entry, this post would be a sure fire winner!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Funkiest White Boy Ever? 

In 1972 two guys, Harry Wayne Casey and Richard Finch started what would become KC and the Sunshine Band. In the end, this group would only be rivaled by The Bee Gees for the title “Kings of the Disco.”
With such songs as “I’m Your Boogie Man”, “Shake Your Booty”, “That’s The Way (I Like It)”, and “Boogie Shoes”, KC and the Sunshine Band are still thought highly of today.

With the demise of Disco, the group disbanded in the 80’s only to reform during the 90’s as a touring band. According to their agent’s website, you can hire them for you private or public event for “$40,000 or more). Yikes, that’s a lot of cash.

The group was nominated for nine Grammy awards, eventually earning three, and sold millions of records worldwide. Not bad for a couple of guys from Miami.

KC in the glory days of Disco

KC performing at the 3 Rivers Music Festival – April 3rd 2005

For the streamed song I chose “Boogie Shoes” simply because it’s my favorite by the group.

In 1990 KC and the Sunshine Band released a Best Of album that sold extremely well.
Look for the download link below if you would like to give it a listen.


K.C. And The Sunshine Band - The Best Of

01. Sound Your Funky Horn
02. Get Down Tonight
03. I'm Your Boogie Man
04. (Shake, Shake, Shake) Shake Your Booty
05. Queen Of Clubs
06. That's The Way (I Like It)
07. Keep It Comin' Love
08. Please Don't Go
09. Boogie Shoes
10. Let's Go Rock And Roll
11. Give It Up
12. Do You Wanna Go Party
13. I Like To Do It
14. Shotgun Shuffle
15. Wrap Your Arms Around Me
16. All I Want

You can download the songs here:
Please copy/paste the link into your browser.

And yes, I DO think KC is the funkiest white boy ever!

Monday, December 19, 2005

The Post Office A Week Before Christmas 

Anyone who goes to the post office the week before Christmas is a buffoon.
So who’s the buffoon around here? Me of course.

I had to mail my granddaughters presents today and I thought that getting to the post office by 10am was going to be smart. Little did I know that when I got there, there would be a line of cars trying to get into the parking lot. I got lucky when it was my turn to enter the lot, as soon as I rounded the corner someone pulled out of a space right in front of the door. Of course having to park in a jam packed lot I had a heck of a time getting my box out of the passenger seat of the truck without bashing the door into the SUV next to me.

Once I got in the building I got to stand in line for over 30 minutes pushing my box in front of me. Such fun! Wait wait scuff scuff wait wait shuffle shuffle. At least there were no kids in there this time. The last time I was at the post office there was a rabid child with one of those “stop it dear” moms. All these moms ever do is say “stop it dear” in a completely monotone voice. Meanwhile everyone else is trying desperately not to swat the kid upside the head.

At least the post office has CNN playing where you can see it when you stand in line. Every time I’ve been in there CNN gets people talking to each other.

In the end the postal clerk was very nice, though a tad flirty. He kept giving me the eye the whole time I was in line, then piddled around between customers so that he got me. He made a big ordeal over my jacket, saying how nice it was, then took forever and a day measuring my box even though it was written right on the side. Eventually he gave me a price (only $20 for 4 day shipping) and I was on my way. When I got outside the line waiting to get into the parking lot was even longer. Of course the very first person to come around the corner slammed on his breaks to let me out.

Amazingly I remembered to stop to get extra keys made for the house. We’ve been running around with only one set and odds were we were going to lock ourselves out eventually.

I just made a big pot of sun-dried tomato and basil rice for Ap0k to take to his potluck lunch tomorrow. I am planning on baking all day tomorrow so that he can take a bunch of treats in Wednesday. Planning on brownies, lemon bars, pineapple upside down cake, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, and those bars that have everything known to man in them (magic cookie bars?)

To put you n the holiday mood, here are a few songs for you to download. Some funny, some serious, some in between. Hopefully at least one of them will suit you.
Copy/paste the links please:








Sunday, December 18, 2005


Ap0k and I made a deal that because we have spent so much money over the last few months we would not buy each other Christmas presents this year. We had a deal!
But of course he did not uphold his end of the deal. He went out today and got me something. It’s in the back bedroom and now I am not allowed in there.
This is totally not fair! I was following the rules and now I don’t know what to do for him. I have no idea at all. Everything he wanted, like the television, he already bought himself. I have no clue what he spent on me so I don’t know if I should go inexpensive or spend more money?
I really can’t get him anything for his car because he is at the point where I can’t be in charge of the purchases. He wants a new engine. Nope, can’t see me going out this week to buy one.
I swear to God, this man is IMPOSSIBLE to buy gifts for!

We did not decorate this year either. I felt that we had spent enough money and because we are going to have to start from scratch, I would prefer to wait until next year. I would rather wait and do it right than to go cheapy.

I’ll admit that it’s going to be strange not having my family around at Christmas. I am so used to having to go here and there that I am not sure I will know what to do with myself.
Of course I will be happy being with Ap0k, but I am used to having a bunch of people around. This will be the calmest Christmas ever I think. Hopefully we don’t bore each other to sleep.

Tomorrow we are going shopping for our granddaughter. I will wrap it all up and Fed-Ex it Monday morning. Hopefully I can keep AP0k from spending a small fortune. He is a shopping fiend when it comes to shopping for baby stuff.

I have a question totally unrelated to Christmas:
Why on earth do people carpet dining rooms and bathrooms? Food and carpet equals unbelievable stains. Water and carpet equal massive mildew. It’s my opinion that tile is our friend.

Friday, December 16, 2005


I got all of the images fixed up finally. It took me a bit of time to find a host that swears they won’t delete them on me. We shall see!!!!

To celebrate I uploaded a quick song for everyone to listen.

Kool Moe Dee’s “I Go To Work” is, to put it simply, a kick ass song. Of course the rap is great, but unlike a lot of rap songs from the 80’s, this one has a bad ass backing track. The horns just do me in every time I hear it.
It’s 3:30 in the morning, so that’s all the info you get on him for now.

I am off to repair all of my avatars and sig pics now.
A woman’s work is never done!!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Dead Images 

OK, this time my image host has really booted me. When I try to log in it says my account does not exist. Greeaatt!!
I have contacted them twice, but they are not even returning my mails.
Not sure why they booted me? It's not like any of the images were adult or anything.

Oh well, I guess we know how I will be spending this evening huh?
This wouldn't happen if I weren't so cheap. How well can you trust free storage?

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


There I was, minding my own business, when this came wandering down the hallway like all was right in the world....

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Let's Talk About Sex 

Today I thought I would put up a sex questionnaire. Feel free to answer it here, on your own site, or simply in your mind.

1. Do you have sex on a regular basis?
I guess you could call it regular. Sometimes more often, sometimes less. It just depends on the moods in the house.

2. How many sexual partners do you currently have? If multiple, do they know about each other?
I only have one. And he’s the only one I want! After twenty years I wouldn’t even begin to know how to have sex with another person.

3. Do you like sex?
Absolutely! He knows which buttons to push and the order they need to be pushed in.

4. Only in the bedroom?
That depends on what time of day it is. We only have blinds so no hanky panky in the living room after dark unless the lights are off. Can’t be giving the neighbors a free show! Plus they would be jealous.

5. Strangest Place?
Define strange. I would say the most dangerous was on I-4 doing about 90mph. Most ridiculous (but memorable) place was in my parent’s back yard where the neighbor’s houses were about 50 feet away.

6. Do you like pornography?
“Porn Addicted Housewife” says it all I think.

7. Do you allow your partner to watch pornography?
Since I download porn for him on almost a daily basis, I guess the answer is yes. And anyway, who am I to ALLOW him to do anything? He’s a grown man and if he wants to watch naked people romping around, more power to him.

8. Do you feel that pornography is good or bad for a relationship?
That depends on the couple involved. If one of them is opposed to porn then it can be a bad thing, but if both partners are open minded and enjoy watching it what harm can come of it? There are people who take it to an extreme of course and assume their partner will act like they do in the movies. That can cause problems. When porn is viewed as strictly fantasy then there is nothing wrong with it.

9. Ever tried anything you have seen in a porn movie?
Yep! I think that trying different things is part of a healthy relationship. If asked, I would try most anything. I may not follow through if I find I don’t like it, but at least I will give it a shot. I lie…..I refuse to have sex in the snow. I just can’t see myself trying to explain how I frostbit my girly parts.

10. Ever fantasize about someone other than your partner?
Yes and no. For the most part, when I fantasize about someone else, that person has no real face. I don’t fantasize about actors or people I know (intentionally.) Only nameless people I’ve made up in my head. While asleep I have dreamed about having sex with people I know, but when I wake up I am usually pretty grossed out about it. I will admit to having the odd thought about people I know now and then, but never anything really dramatic. Oddly, it’s usually the women I know I think about. Hmmmmm, if Ap0k could read my mind he would be shocked! But when I am actually HAVING sex with Ap0k I only think about him. True, I swear.

11. If you could have sex with one famous person, who would that be?
Well, like I said above, I don’t fantasize about actors, or any other famous people. I guess if I would have to choose I would say LL Cool J, just so I could touch his arms.

12. Are there any sexual practices that you find to be gross, offensive, or upsetting?
I find very little, if anything, to really be gross. I have seen so many different things that I am unshockable now. I can’t think of anything at all that offends me. I do find heavy bondage to be a bit upsetting though. I have seen some scenes where the “victim” truly looks in pain. I find that to be too much for me to handle. Very few of the fetish movies upset me in any way. Everyone likes different things, who am I to judge. If it works for them, go for it.

13. Any fetishes of your own you wish to tell us about?
I have a few different ones actually. I have an intense fetish for a man’s arms, shoulders, and back. The rest of his body can be so-so but he has to have good arm, shoulder and back muscles. And when I say good, I do not mean toned or ripped, I mean BIG. The bigger, the better. My main fetish is something completely different. I won’t spell it out here because most people find it gross, but I will say that afterwards, laundry has to be done. It kind of freaks Ap0k out, but he’s learned to deal with it, though he does not participate.

14. “Bigger is better” or “It’s all in how you use it”?
Bigger baby….bigger all the way!!!! Luckily Ap0k was blessed at birth. Actually, that was the very first thing I noticed about him when I met him, and yes, he was dressed at the time. Lucky for me he also knows how to use it, quite well too I might add. That boy can put a hurtin’ on me without even breaking a sweat. I am so spoiled.

15. Is there anything else you would like to add?
People need to be more open about their sexuality and nudity in general. All of our bits, be they male or female, are all made up of the same skin your arm, nose, and ears are made of. Why should we be offended by the site of a penis when it is made up of the same exact material as an ear? How silly is that? Should I gasp in shock and horror when I see your nose sticking out? Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? Skin is skin; it’s just in a different spot on your body. Everyone has sexual organs, so why are we so afraid of them? If only 1/3 the population had sexual parts then I could see being a tad shocked to see them, but every man has the same thing every other man has. Every woman has nipples and every woman has a vagina. Why should it offend me to see something that I myself have?
I believe it is healthy to open up about your sexuality to your partner. How can they know what you want if you don’t let them know. It can be hard to tell them out loud, but a little physical guidance can do wonders. Don’t worry if you have a fetish, most people do. If your partner really loves you then they will accept your little quirks and encourage you to continue on with them. Everyone develops their own sexual tastes, and through time these tastes can evolve. Your partner needs to be able to evolve with them. I am lucky enough to be married to someone who, even though he does not understand my fetish, encourages me to practice it. Personally I think it gives him a bit of a thrill to know what I did, even if he denies it. He has sexual quirks too, and even though I am at a loss on a few of them, I would never tell him they were bad or wrong. They are part of him, and because I love him completely, I can accept them without hesitation.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Sharon Woods - Beautifully Cold 

You may remember a POST I made back in October about the day Ap0k and I spent in Sharon Woods. On that day I took a bunch of photos of the trees in their full autumn colors. A friend had asked that I go back and take pictures again once it snowed, so this post is dedicated to Nautleyriver. Hope you like the pictures NR!

Because it was only 30F out today there were, of course, a lot less people at the park then there was last time. There were a few die-hard runners and some people like us who don’t have the sense to stay in out of the cold. We walked a good way around the lake again. I tried to match some of these pictures to some of the ones I took last time so that you can see the full effect of the seasonal changes.
One thing I find fascinating is the wildlife. You would think that when it gets so cold animals would go somewhere warmer. As you will see in some of the pictures below, we saw quite a few ducks, geese, and even a squirrel. I know nature makes them hardy, but it just seems outrageous to see a duck swimming in 32F water. My butt would be frozen in a matter of seconds, yet they are paddling around like it’s no big deal.

As you can see, it really was cold enough to freeze up almost an entire lake. I wouldn’t suggest trying to walk on it of course because you would fall right through the ice. Even though it was cold it was a downright gorgeous day and we had a blast. All I need is a pair of earmuffs and I will be set. I can’t wear a hat because my hair is almost always in a ponytail. Actually my head reaaly never got cold, but my ears felt like they were going to freeze right off a few times. Yep, I think I will go buy earmuffs tomorrow. A red pair and a white pair. If there is one thing I remember from when I was little it’s that you should always have at least twp pair of gloves, two hats, 2 scarves, etc. That’s just in case one of them gets wet. Oh, and never never never eat the red bird berries or you will DIE right on the spot!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Let It Snow Let It Snow Let It Snow 

We had our 1st real “sticking” snow of the season today. Snow that involves plows, shoveling, and miserable traffic. You just have to giggle at someone who is 40 years old and is only just now shoveling snow for the first time.

The funny thing is, it’s not near as cold as it has been. The interstates are clogged to a standstill and no one is getting anywhere fast. Some of the people Ap0k works with have been driving for hours and still aren’t home yet. Thank goodness we live so close to his office! Some of his drivers are having a heck of a time getting back tonight.

Ahhhhh, the joys of living in the snow region!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

My Ears Are Bleeding! 

After watching the last two music awards shows I have decided that the music industry has sunk lower than ever before. The influx of teen acts, be they solo or group acts, seems to be at an all time high. I would have no problem with this if these acts had any talent, but sadly the exact opposite is true.

There has always been a niche in music geared towards teenagers.
Frankie Avalon, Ricky Nelson, and Buddy Holly in the 50’s. Frankie Valli, Bobby Vinton, The Beach Boys, and The Monkees in the 60’s. David and Shaun Cassidy, Donny and Marie Osmond, Andy Gibb, and The Bay City Rollers in the 70’s.
While the acts I listed from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s may not have been great singers or musicians they could at least hold a note. They were able to perform their songs in front of live audiences and the listeners were able to tell what song they were singing.
Towards the mid 80’s record companies started using computer programs more and more often in order to moderate and clean up a singer’s voice. It became harder and harder to tell who was actually singing and who was being computer generated. When once you pretty much knew beforehand that your favorite singer would be able to give at least a passable performance live, by the 90’s your only hope was to go to see them and hope like hell they could even remember the lyrics.
Of course there has always been some manipulation of music. Voice volumes raised and lowered, instrument channels pulled up and down, sound bits added, other voices layered on top. That was normal.
Today it is totally different. You can sing like a wounded moose and still make millions of dollars.
Today’s teenagers have more money then ever before. Disposable income is a shining beacon of light to the music industry. The all mighty dollar rules so whoever has the dough gets the show.
Acts like Ashlee Simpson, Lindsey Lohan, and Hillary Duff honestly mortify me. Aaron Carter? Give me a break! Even Paris Hilton has jumped on the bandwagon.
If you hear any of these people on the radio you would think that, though boring as hell, they are at least halfway decent. Have you heard any of them sing????
Ashlee Simpson made a complete fool of herself not too long ago on Saturday Night Live . She was caught lip-syncing when her drummer qued the wrong vocal track for her performance. When the music started and she started “singing”, the vocals from the previous song played. How humiliating for her, but enlightening to us. During a football game she actually sang live instead of lips-syncing. Trust me, she should have faked it. When she was done the entire stadium booed. It was awful. Yet this girl continues to sell cds at an alarming rate.
Lindsey Lohan and Hillary Duff are the two top teenage “multi-talents” of the day. Look! They can act! They can sing! Yeah, right. Hillary Duff was good enough when she was Lizzie Maguire, but as a singer she pretty much bites. Yes, the released recordings are clean and clear, but live she gasps, grunts, and is totally out of breath after one song. The last song I saw her perform was pathetic. She yelled one line over and over and looked like she was going to faint when she was finished. Granted that could be because she has lost a massive amount of weight since she turned 18. She is nothing but a stick with giant teeth now.
What can I say about Lindsey Lohan? She performed live on TV for the first time on the American Music Awards this past November. First of all I am offended that on a show that is supposed to be honoring talented musicians they choose to showcase someone with no talent whatsoever. It was a slap in the face to true artists. Miss Lohan completely murdered a Fleetwood Mac song while Ap0k and I watched in horror. It was so bad that they didn’t even show the crowd once during or after her performance as they usually do. The applause was so minimal that they immediately cut to commercial instead of holding for a few seconds like normal. It was truly painful to watch.
I am sure that some of you will say “Oh, she’s just an old biddy who doesn’t know what she’s talking about.” Sorry kiddies, I DO know what I am talking about. After the Lindsey debacle, Annie Lennox came out and blew everyone away with sheer talent. Her notes were correct and clear, she never faltered over any line or word, she moved around the stage like she owned it, and the audience went wild.

In the past, to be a teen idol you have almost always had to be a “pretty person” with at least a small amount of talent. Today all you need is a pretty face. As long as you kiss the right asses you too can be a star. I sing like a stuck pig, but hook me up to the right computer program and I could be the next diva of the week too.

I am not sure if teenagers don’t realize what is going on or if they just don’t care.
All I do know is that the music industry is in sad shape right now. Few true talented singers and musicians are being pushed the studios. They are being pushed aside so that more radio friendly teen geared artists can get all of the publicity. The teenagers have the disposable income, so they are the ones the studios cater too. The teenagers want pretty, the teenagers get pretty.

OK, enough old lady rambling. I am off to listen to some real music.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Possibly The Coolest Christmas Light Display Ever! 

Earlier today SouthernOcean made a post on Saving Face that contained a link to a house that has a fantastic Christmas light display. SouthernOcenan lives in Australia, but oddly the house in the video is only 20 minutes from my house. After doing a bit of research, we actually found out exactly where the house was and set off to see it for ourselves.
All I can say is……WOW! It was totally unique to say the least.
The person who owns the house is an electrical engineer. He has strung up a bunch of lights and has set them to flash to the beat of a song. He then broadcasts the song, “Wizards In Winter” by Trans-Siberian Orchestra, over a very low wattage radio signal that you can only pick up in front of his house. It is timed extremely well, and really is a neat thing to see.

There were quite a few people there to see the house. We waited in a big line of cars for around 30 minutes at the most. The neighbors must hate the traffic! We could have parked and walked, but you really need the music to appreciate what he has done.

We filmed the display and you can download it HERE if you would like to see it.

If anyone is in the Cincinnati area and would like to go see it for themselves, send me an email and I will send you the directions to the house.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Am I A Scrooge, Or Just An Idiot? 

I am wondering if I just might be a Christmas Scrooge.

When I moved I left all of my Christmas decorations with my daughter. I even left the ones I made 20 years ago when we didn’t have enough money to buy new things. Sadly, when I was packing I never even gave them a thought.
Now here it is December 4th and I don’t have any decorations at all.
I went to a holiday outlet today and looked around, but all I saw was crap. Then I went to WalMart and it seemed like everything I looked at was either crappy looking or cost more than I was willing to pay. It just seems ridiculous to me to pay so much for something I will use for such a small amount of time. In the end I came home with two trays to put cookies on.
I told Ap0k that he has to go shopping with me this weekend. I think that part of the problem may be that I don’t like shopping alone. If I am going to buy decorations I want to make sure that they are things he likes too. I would hate to spend a small fortune only for him to say “ehh.”
It seems that every year I have a harder and harder time getting into the Christmas spirit.
When my daughter was little it was easier. Kids look forward to the holidays more than most adults do. A kid can get so excited that an adult can feed off of that. With no kids around at all it’s easy to say “Aw screw it.”
Ap0k and I have bought so much stuff since we moved that buying each other presents seems silly. We already got everything we wanted. Anything that we haven’t bought was just too expensive at the moment.
Why do I always feel pressured around the holidays? It’s not like Ap0k is big on celebrating. Maybe I AM just a Scrooge.

We went to Ap0k's office Christmas party tonight. I thought it would be horrible because I don't know anyone, but it actually turned out to be pretty fun. Everyone he works with seems very nice. No stuffy people at all. We went to a HUGE place and they have a very large game room. After the dinner several people stayed to play. I think everyone had a really good time.

On a seperate note. I originally wrote the first part of this post 2 days ago but I could not get it to publish. I called Bloger every name in the book because I thought it was their fault. Turns out it was MY fault. When I updated the template the other day I screwed it up. I have installed an old one (thank goodness for backups!) and now it is working. Sorry Blogger, did not mean to make your ears burn.
I will redo the new links tomorrow CORRECTLY this time.


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