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Monday, December 19, 2005

The Post Office A Week Before Christmas 

Anyone who goes to the post office the week before Christmas is a buffoon.
So who’s the buffoon around here? Me of course.

I had to mail my granddaughters presents today and I thought that getting to the post office by 10am was going to be smart. Little did I know that when I got there, there would be a line of cars trying to get into the parking lot. I got lucky when it was my turn to enter the lot, as soon as I rounded the corner someone pulled out of a space right in front of the door. Of course having to park in a jam packed lot I had a heck of a time getting my box out of the passenger seat of the truck without bashing the door into the SUV next to me.

Once I got in the building I got to stand in line for over 30 minutes pushing my box in front of me. Such fun! Wait wait scuff scuff wait wait shuffle shuffle. At least there were no kids in there this time. The last time I was at the post office there was a rabid child with one of those “stop it dear” moms. All these moms ever do is say “stop it dear” in a completely monotone voice. Meanwhile everyone else is trying desperately not to swat the kid upside the head.

At least the post office has CNN playing where you can see it when you stand in line. Every time I’ve been in there CNN gets people talking to each other.

In the end the postal clerk was very nice, though a tad flirty. He kept giving me the eye the whole time I was in line, then piddled around between customers so that he got me. He made a big ordeal over my jacket, saying how nice it was, then took forever and a day measuring my box even though it was written right on the side. Eventually he gave me a price (only $20 for 4 day shipping) and I was on my way. When I got outside the line waiting to get into the parking lot was even longer. Of course the very first person to come around the corner slammed on his breaks to let me out.

Amazingly I remembered to stop to get extra keys made for the house. We’ve been running around with only one set and odds were we were going to lock ourselves out eventually.

I just made a big pot of sun-dried tomato and basil rice for Ap0k to take to his potluck lunch tomorrow. I am planning on baking all day tomorrow so that he can take a bunch of treats in Wednesday. Planning on brownies, lemon bars, pineapple upside down cake, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, and those bars that have everything known to man in them (magic cookie bars?)

To put you n the holiday mood, here are a few songs for you to download. Some funny, some serious, some in between. Hopefully at least one of them will suit you.
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