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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Am I A Scrooge, Or Just An Idiot? 

I am wondering if I just might be a Christmas Scrooge.

When I moved I left all of my Christmas decorations with my daughter. I even left the ones I made 20 years ago when we didn’t have enough money to buy new things. Sadly, when I was packing I never even gave them a thought.
Now here it is December 4th and I don’t have any decorations at all.
I went to a holiday outlet today and looked around, but all I saw was crap. Then I went to WalMart and it seemed like everything I looked at was either crappy looking or cost more than I was willing to pay. It just seems ridiculous to me to pay so much for something I will use for such a small amount of time. In the end I came home with two trays to put cookies on.
I told Ap0k that he has to go shopping with me this weekend. I think that part of the problem may be that I don’t like shopping alone. If I am going to buy decorations I want to make sure that they are things he likes too. I would hate to spend a small fortune only for him to say “ehh.”
It seems that every year I have a harder and harder time getting into the Christmas spirit.
When my daughter was little it was easier. Kids look forward to the holidays more than most adults do. A kid can get so excited that an adult can feed off of that. With no kids around at all it’s easy to say “Aw screw it.”
Ap0k and I have bought so much stuff since we moved that buying each other presents seems silly. We already got everything we wanted. Anything that we haven’t bought was just too expensive at the moment.
Why do I always feel pressured around the holidays? It’s not like Ap0k is big on celebrating. Maybe I AM just a Scrooge.

We went to Ap0k's office Christmas party tonight. I thought it would be horrible because I don't know anyone, but it actually turned out to be pretty fun. Everyone he works with seems very nice. No stuffy people at all. We went to a HUGE place and they have a very large game room. After the dinner several people stayed to play. I think everyone had a really good time.

On a seperate note. I originally wrote the first part of this post 2 days ago but I could not get it to publish. I called Bloger every name in the book because I thought it was their fault. Turns out it was MY fault. When I updated the template the other day I screwed it up. I have installed an old one (thank goodness for backups!) and now it is working. Sorry Blogger, did not mean to make your ears burn.
I will redo the new links tomorrow CORRECTLY this time.
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