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The life of a porn addicted housewife.

Thursday, December 22, 2005


Sitting here converting and posting movies and am bored stiff. I really need a TV in here!!! All of my video software is on my PC, my laptop has bupkis. I keep running back and forth between the two so that I can catch of the HQ programming on HGTV.
Yes, I am a home improvement show junkie. Decorating shows, craft shows, cooking shows, you name it and I will watch it.
One thing I will not watch though is soap operas. Years ago, when I lived in North Florida, I was only able to pick up one channel on the tv so I became addicted to “The Young and the Restless” and “The Bold and the Beautiful.” I would get upset if I missed an episode. When we moved I vowed to never watch another one ever again.

Got my cats “fixed” yesterday. Tippy is doing fine. He’s already back to chasing the broom around the kitchen. Tiggy is fine, but she’s sore. All she wants to do is lay on the bed (not that I blame her.) They gave me pain pills for Tiggy but I haven’t given her any of them. While she seems sore, she really doesn’t appear to be in pain. When you go in to see her she jumps right up and wants petted. She purrs like a boat motor going full throttle. I will admit that they were pretty funny when I brought them home yesterday. Both of them were still completely drugged up. Neither one could walk a straight line or even sit up for more than a few seconds. I felt bad laughing at them because they were so confused, but dang it was funny to watch!

I have a question about the temperature in your house? What do you keep your thermostat set on? During the day I try to keep it at 67, but sometimes I go to 68. At night I set it to 65, though Ap0k prefers 61. What I don’t understand though is why some days I am perfectly fine at either 65 or 67, but on other days I am freezing at 68. Right now it’s 67 in here and I have on both a shirt and a sweater, but I am still cold. The other day I was running around in only a t-shirt and at 65 I was just fine.
Makes no sense to me!

I swear, if there was a contest for most boring blog entry, this post would be a sure fire winner!
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