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The life of a porn addicted housewife.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Let's Talk About Sex 

Today I thought I would put up a sex questionnaire. Feel free to answer it here, on your own site, or simply in your mind.

1. Do you have sex on a regular basis?
I guess you could call it regular. Sometimes more often, sometimes less. It just depends on the moods in the house.

2. How many sexual partners do you currently have? If multiple, do they know about each other?
I only have one. And he’s the only one I want! After twenty years I wouldn’t even begin to know how to have sex with another person.

3. Do you like sex?
Absolutely! He knows which buttons to push and the order they need to be pushed in.

4. Only in the bedroom?
That depends on what time of day it is. We only have blinds so no hanky panky in the living room after dark unless the lights are off. Can’t be giving the neighbors a free show! Plus they would be jealous.

5. Strangest Place?
Define strange. I would say the most dangerous was on I-4 doing about 90mph. Most ridiculous (but memorable) place was in my parent’s back yard where the neighbor’s houses were about 50 feet away.

6. Do you like pornography?
“Porn Addicted Housewife” says it all I think.

7. Do you allow your partner to watch pornography?
Since I download porn for him on almost a daily basis, I guess the answer is yes. And anyway, who am I to ALLOW him to do anything? He’s a grown man and if he wants to watch naked people romping around, more power to him.

8. Do you feel that pornography is good or bad for a relationship?
That depends on the couple involved. If one of them is opposed to porn then it can be a bad thing, but if both partners are open minded and enjoy watching it what harm can come of it? There are people who take it to an extreme of course and assume their partner will act like they do in the movies. That can cause problems. When porn is viewed as strictly fantasy then there is nothing wrong with it.

9. Ever tried anything you have seen in a porn movie?
Yep! I think that trying different things is part of a healthy relationship. If asked, I would try most anything. I may not follow through if I find I don’t like it, but at least I will give it a shot. I lie…..I refuse to have sex in the snow. I just can’t see myself trying to explain how I frostbit my girly parts.

10. Ever fantasize about someone other than your partner?
Yes and no. For the most part, when I fantasize about someone else, that person has no real face. I don’t fantasize about actors or people I know (intentionally.) Only nameless people I’ve made up in my head. While asleep I have dreamed about having sex with people I know, but when I wake up I am usually pretty grossed out about it. I will admit to having the odd thought about people I know now and then, but never anything really dramatic. Oddly, it’s usually the women I know I think about. Hmmmmm, if Ap0k could read my mind he would be shocked! But when I am actually HAVING sex with Ap0k I only think about him. True, I swear.

11. If you could have sex with one famous person, who would that be?
Well, like I said above, I don’t fantasize about actors, or any other famous people. I guess if I would have to choose I would say LL Cool J, just so I could touch his arms.

12. Are there any sexual practices that you find to be gross, offensive, or upsetting?
I find very little, if anything, to really be gross. I have seen so many different things that I am unshockable now. I can’t think of anything at all that offends me. I do find heavy bondage to be a bit upsetting though. I have seen some scenes where the “victim” truly looks in pain. I find that to be too much for me to handle. Very few of the fetish movies upset me in any way. Everyone likes different things, who am I to judge. If it works for them, go for it.

13. Any fetishes of your own you wish to tell us about?
I have a few different ones actually. I have an intense fetish for a man’s arms, shoulders, and back. The rest of his body can be so-so but he has to have good arm, shoulder and back muscles. And when I say good, I do not mean toned or ripped, I mean BIG. The bigger, the better. My main fetish is something completely different. I won’t spell it out here because most people find it gross, but I will say that afterwards, laundry has to be done. It kind of freaks Ap0k out, but he’s learned to deal with it, though he does not participate.

14. “Bigger is better” or “It’s all in how you use it”?
Bigger baby….bigger all the way!!!! Luckily Ap0k was blessed at birth. Actually, that was the very first thing I noticed about him when I met him, and yes, he was dressed at the time. Lucky for me he also knows how to use it, quite well too I might add. That boy can put a hurtin’ on me without even breaking a sweat. I am so spoiled.

15. Is there anything else you would like to add?
People need to be more open about their sexuality and nudity in general. All of our bits, be they male or female, are all made up of the same skin your arm, nose, and ears are made of. Why should we be offended by the site of a penis when it is made up of the same exact material as an ear? How silly is that? Should I gasp in shock and horror when I see your nose sticking out? Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? Skin is skin; it’s just in a different spot on your body. Everyone has sexual organs, so why are we so afraid of them? If only 1/3 the population had sexual parts then I could see being a tad shocked to see them, but every man has the same thing every other man has. Every woman has nipples and every woman has a vagina. Why should it offend me to see something that I myself have?
I believe it is healthy to open up about your sexuality to your partner. How can they know what you want if you don’t let them know. It can be hard to tell them out loud, but a little physical guidance can do wonders. Don’t worry if you have a fetish, most people do. If your partner really loves you then they will accept your little quirks and encourage you to continue on with them. Everyone develops their own sexual tastes, and through time these tastes can evolve. Your partner needs to be able to evolve with them. I am lucky enough to be married to someone who, even though he does not understand my fetish, encourages me to practice it. Personally I think it gives him a bit of a thrill to know what I did, even if he denies it. He has sexual quirks too, and even though I am at a loss on a few of them, I would never tell him they were bad or wrong. They are part of him, and because I love him completely, I can accept them without hesitation.
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