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Friday, June 16, 2006

Torn Between Desire and Brains 

I am torn in so many directions over this whole house hunt thing.

Part of me says to be reasonable and buy one close to where Ap0k works so that no matter what the weather is, he can still get there.

Part of me says; just find the house you want. He said he would buy a 4-wheel drive truck if he has to.

Part of me says; do you really want to get into an older home that may need repairs down the line? I am capable of home repairs though.

There is a house I REALLY want. It is in a nice area and it’s in GREAT shape. All I would really have to do to restore it is strip the paint of the woodwork, which is original by the way. It still has it’s leaded stained glass windows. It’s a 3 story with a full unfinished basement.

This house is very (surprisingly) affordable. The house 2 doors down is for sale for $50,000 more than the one I want. Another house down the road from it is in the process of being sold for $50,000 more than the one I want. I looked at one of them and the only real difference is that the more expensive one has already had the woodwork stripped and the basement is finished. I can do that for WAY less than $50,000!

The drawbacks are that it is a bit of a drive for Ap0k to get back and forth to work, and the roads aren’t in that great of condition. Of course if he buys a truck like he says then I won’t have to worry about him beating his car to death.

I have looked at literally hundreds of houses and I keep coming back to this one.
I REALLY want it. It’s everything I said I wanted in the beginning.

Do the pros outweigh the cons?

ARGH!!!! To stressful!!!!!
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