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The life of a porn addicted housewife.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


I have a love/hate relationship going on with Wal-Mart.
I love their prices, cheap cheap cheap! I love the selection; they always seem to have just what I’m looking for. I love their locations; there is a “regular” right around the corner, and a super center just a few miles away.
What I hate is the fact that I can’t just go in and get the one thing I went there for.
Take today for example; all I wanted was a plunger, but could I leave with just a plunger? Of course not! I left with my $7 plunger, and $85 worth of crap I had no intention of buying. How pathetic is that? They suck me in and won’t let me leave until I spend at least $100. And the worst part? All I bought for myself was a plunger, a pair of socks, and a pack of hair scrunchies. The rest of the stuff was all for my daughter and my granddaughter. I am such a sucker.

The weather today was beyond fabulous. I walked out with my jacket on, and immediately took it right back off. The sun was shining brighter than it has in weeks, it was warm out, and there was no wind. I drove down the road with the windows open and the radio blasting some old school electro. I couldn’t have asked for a better day. The amazing thing? Tomorrow is supposed to be even nicer!

Tonight AP0k took me to dinner at Don Pablo’s, which is one of my favorite places. After that we went to Sam’s Club and bought a few things (yes, the Wal-Mart corp. got even more of my money!)

Tomorrow I have to go to the post office and then head for the tag office. It’s time to get our car tags changed over to Ohio. What fun!

I am uploading some new movies so make sure to check Leatherpupptez blog Wednesday afternoon to see what I have this time. Hopefully it’s something you will like.
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