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Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Government Is Making Me A Criminal! 

We tried to get the tags changed over on both the car and the truck today, but it was a no-go. You have to have utility bills, and paperwork out the butt. Of course to get the paperwork you have to stand in line forever. Then you get to fill it out and stand in the mile long line all over again. In the end we decided we will probably just have the tags renewed in Florida and be done with it. While we are supposed to have them transferred to Ohio because we live here, we can technically get away with it because we still own the house in Florida. All of my ID is from Florida, so I guess that would still be my legal address.
Why does the government feel the need to make everything so difficult? If I have all of the paperwork showing that I own my vehicle and it has perfectly legal tags in Florida, why is it such a major hassle to get them transferred to another state? That makes absolutely no sense to me. It just pushes people to go against the wishes of the government.

On a totally different note; If Chris doesn’t win this season’s American Idol I will firmly believe there is a fix going on.
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