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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

No, But I Did Stay At A Holiday Inn Express Last Night! 

Ap0k took me off on another impromptu vacation last Thursday. This time we went back down to Tampa so I could visit my family and he could to the GatorNationals.
I actually saw, and stood in, SUNSHINE!!!! As you can see from the post below, we don’t have a lot of that commodity right now.
We drove down on Thursday evening and returned Monday evening. 16 hours straight through each way. We were both REALLY tired of sitting in the car.

We brought my little sister back with us to visit for a few days. She will be flying back on Thursday morning. She was wishing it would snow while she was here. Well, I guess she got her wish! It’s still snowing this evening so tomorrow I am taking her to Sharon Woods so that she can get some good photographs. Today I took her to Jungle Jim’s. Yes, normally taking someone to a grocery store IS an odd way to spend a vacation, but anyone who knows about Jungle Jim’s will totally understand why. I think after the park tomorrow I will take her to the Brass Armadillo, that cool antique mall I spoke of a couple months ago. It’s nice having her here.

More info tomorrow….
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