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The life of a porn addicted housewife.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Cincinnati At Night 

We took my little sister to Newport for dinner tonight and then stopped along the river to take some photos of the Cincinnati skyline at night. Sadly it was really cold and I had a hard time keeping the camera still enough to get good shots. How sad is that? Well, it was 35F and the wind was blowing pretty good. Standing next to the Ohio River was a bit more than chilly! Here is the best one I came up with:

My sister is leaving for home tomorrow morning. I wish she could stay longer. I have REALLY enjoyed having her here. It's been fun having someone around who likes to do the same silly things that I do. Somehow I just can't see Ap0k spending hours on end in the antique mall.

Since we left for Tampa last week I have been so off my diet. I have managed to gain back four pounds in the last week. Yuck! Starting tomorrow it's back to roasted chicken and steamed vegetables for me!
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