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The life of a porn addicted housewife.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Sidetracked, And Some Bad Spelling 

Over the last few days I have probably started 10 different posts.
Sadly, all of the posts ended up being deleted either because they were stupid, or I totally lost my train of thought. The telephone, the dishes, the laundry, it’s always something.

*10 minutes later* See, kind of like that. I was typing away and got sidetracked by some people on IRC. This is what always happens. I start out with great intentions, and then someone wants to discuss music. You know a good music discussion will get me every time! Tonight’s topic is “What kind of music gets you going sexually?” Now I am trying to explain how 80’s-90’s rap can work me all up.

*15 minutes later* Saving Face sidetracked me this time. Nothing better than a good bit of celebrity gossip!

*7 minutes later* Blame it on 3rd Watch now. I finally bought a small TV for my computer room. Not sure yet whether that was a good thing or not.

*15 minutes later* OK, 3rd Watch is over, maybe now I can write something. Flipping the channels now, remember the Anointed Handkerchief dude? He’s n again. Oh hey!! I found a strong man competition filmed in 1975. John Matuzzak, former Oakland Raider is one of the competitors. I know, I am sure I spelled his name wrong. I am such a sucker for these strong man competitions. Obscenely strong men performing ridiculous events. How can you not love that? Once in awhile you see one of them seriously injure themselves. That always makes me want to hurl. I can deal with a lot of things, but broken bones are NOT one of them! Goodness, Brent Mussberger looks so young!

I got some cool news today, but because some people in my “real life” read this I can’t say what it was just yet. Soon though.

I made homemade manicotti for dinner last night. I always figured it would insanely difficult and involved. Man, was I ever wrong. It took me just minutes to put it all together and then it was just a mallet of baking it to a bubbly finish. It was unbelievable tasty and we ate every scrap of it.

I can hear the birds outside, that means it’s almost time to fix breakfast. Yes, I was writing this in the middle of the night again. My sleep schedule is still off. I slept from 10pm until 1:45am. I will take Ap0k to work at 8am, go shopping for a short bit, then sleep from about 11am until 2 pm. Hey, it works for me.

My little sister has asked me to take some more pictures in my yard. Hopefully it will be nice enough outside tomorrow to get them done. I will post some of them if I can get any good ones.
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