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The life of a porn addicted housewife.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Big Crash 

I haven’t written much lately because I know the whole painting thing has to be boring you to tears.
Well today, even though it involves painting, something happened that I just had to tell you!

I have moved on to the stairway from the kitchen down to the side door and then on down to the basement. I have already painted the ceilings, primed the walls, baseboards, doors, and doorframes, and taped everything off. Today I was cutting in the color and everything was going along smoothly, when BAM, I fell right down the stairs and landed in the basement!!!! People say accidents like that happen in slow motion, but that did not happen to me at all. One second I was on the top step and the next I was sitting on the basement floor in a puddle of yellow paint.
It scared the absolute crap out of me! It took me a few seconds to even move because I was afraid I had broken something. I moved around a bit until I was sure no bones were broken and I wasn’t bleeding. Then I realized that my head hurt like a bitch. I touched my forehead and found a lump the size of a golf ball. I was horrified! Evidentially I had whacked the hell out of my head on the hand rail.
I stood up and saw that I had yellow paint all over me which meant I couldn’t even go upstairs. Luckily I found a shirt by the washing machine so I was able to change into that. I found a roll of paper towels and wiped as much paint off of my pants as I could. I hobbled slowly up the stairs because my left calf was completely knotted up and stood in the kitchen for awhile trying to let some of the paint dry before I went upstairs to change.
I thought it over and decided that since I had a giant lump on my forehead I should call Ap0k to tell him what I did. I didn’t want to bother him with it at work, but I figured if he came home later and found out he would be livid. As soon as I told him he rushed right home to make sure I was still in one piece then he made me dinner. He is such a sweetheart! And to top it all off, he didn’t laugh at me until he knew for sure that I was alright.
So here I sit tonight, stiff as can be. My butt hurts like mad, my head is sore, my calf keeps knotting up, and I just found a bruise on my arm. I feel like a complete buffoon!

My advice to you………don’t try to paint while standing on wood stairs in socks and no shoes. You REALLY can slip and fall right on your butt. I’m guess I am just lucky I didn’t break anything.
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