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Thursday, September 21, 2006

What A Week! 

What a busy week this has been, and it’s not over yet!
My little sister is visiting this week and we have been going all over the place.

On Monday we went to the Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal.

The museum was originally Cincinnati’s main train terminal. The terminal was originally opened in 1933. During WW2 it was a major transportation hub for the military and the general population. With the explosion of interstates and air travel during the 1950’s the terminal died a slow death. By 1972 only 2 trains passed through the terminal each day so it was officially closed. In 1977 it was declared a National Historic Landmark. At one point during the 1980’s a developer tried to run a mall in the terminal but due to the recession the venture failed. In the late 1980’s the terminal was completely refurbished and in 1990 it was reopened as the Museum Center. The museum center actually contains 3 separate museums,; The Cincinnati History Museum, The Museum of Natural History and Science, and The Children’s Museum. It also houses the OmniMax Theater which is currently going through major renovations.
The terminal is actually a working terminal again. In 1991 Amtrak Passenger service resumed.
The museum center attracts more than 1.4 million visitors each year.
Whether you are a fan of museums, or a lover of Art Deco architecture, if you are ever in the Cincinnati area I would highly recommend visiting the Union Terminal Museum Center.

On Tuesday we went to The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden.
The Zoo opened in 1875 and is the 2nd oldest zoo in the United States. It’s been nicknamed “The Sexiest Zoo in America” due to it’s extensive world renowned breeding program. For some reason I find that totally hysterical.

As most of you know I am a flower picture taking fool. Here are some of the pictures I took at the zoo of the various flowers in bloom:

Wednesday was shopping day. This included the antique mall, Tuesday Morning, the mall, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Jungle Jims.

Today is Thursday. We are going to go to Sharon Woods and take a ton more nature pictures.

Tomorrow we are going to go down to Tennessee to see my daughter and granddaughter.

No plans yet for Saturday or Sunday except for the fact that we have to have her back to the airport by 6:00PM on Sunday.

To add to all of the above, Monday was my birthday and today is Ap0k’s and my 21st anniversary.

Come Monday you will probably find me asleep in a corner somewhere!
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