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The life of a porn addicted housewife.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Welcome Home Tippy!!!! 

Saturday, after a shopping trip, we somehow managed to leave the side door wide open and Tippy got out. In just the couple minutes it took to realize the door was open he had completely and utterly disappeared. The poor guy has never been outside before.
Ap0k, my little sister, and I all looked everywhere for him. We searched the yard from one end to the other. We walked up and down the street looking in everyone’s yard while calling his name. He was just GONE.
Sunday morning at 5AM we started looking again. All over the yard and up and down the street without catching a glimpse of him anywhere. I was a wreck inside and I don’t think Ap0k was feeling much better. We’ve had Tippy since the day he was born. If it weren’t for Ap0k taking care of him he wouldn’t have even survived. He was so tiny and cold.
The later it got in the day the more upset I got. Where on earth could he have gone? We looked in every nook and cranny around.
I was worried sick! The poor baby had to be scared, tired, and hungry.
About 12:30AM on Monday (today) I saw the neighbor’s cat in the driveway next door. When he walked behind the house he looked to his side, stopped, and hissed like mad. I went out and chased him off and looked all over again. I called and called but again I couldn’t find him anywhere. I was devastated!
About 1:30AM I went out on the back porch and saw him sitting on the back steps! My heart about fell right out on the ground. I opened the door of the porch and that scared him a bit. He jumped down and went around the corner of the house and under the porch where we store the trash cans. I called him and he started hollering like mad. I sat down on the sidewalk and he came out and walked over to me. I snatched him up and took him right into the house. For the next 30 minutes he hollered and yelled and basically raised one heck of a fuss. Boy was he not in a good mood! I chopped up some chicken for him and he calmed down a bit.
He’s wandering around the house now, smelling and looking at everything. I guess he’s just making sure that everything is as he left it. It did throw him for a loop when he walked into the living room and saw the 3 new tables we bought. I will admit that that made me laugh.

I am soooooo relieved that he is back home!
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