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Monday, September 25, 2006

Screwed By Bush....Again! 

Well the vacation is finally over. I was really sad to see my sister go back home. If I had my way she would move up here with us.

We made it down to Tennessee on Friday. The visit went well and our granddaughter is doing very well. She’s 11 months old and already wears 18-24 month clothes! The girl is not fat in the slightest, she’s just big. On both the drive down and the drive back we ran into some of the worst weather EVER! I was driving down I-71 doing about 20MPH. It was raining so hard that you couldn’t see anything. On the way down you could hardly see the car in front of you, and if it was a white car you couldn’t see it at all. People were pulled over all up and down the side of the road. On the way back it was dark of course and that made it even worse. All you could do was follow the tail lights of the car in front of you and hope to hell they knew where they were going. As we were coming back we were listening to the weather and they had alert after alert on how bad the conditions were. I would have pulled off at an exit but I couldn’t even SEE the exits! I finally drove out of the worst about 15 miles or so north of Louisville, but it rained on us the rest of the way home. I have never been so happy to see the Cut In The Hill before!

I had to return the rental car today so in the end Ap0k was stuck at work with no vehicle. When I went to pick him up this afternoon I was screwed royally. I was on I-74 and when I got to the I-75 North ramp it was blocked off! There were police everywhere! They shoved us all over into the lanes for I-75 South. “No biggie”, I thought, “I’ll just get off and go up to the next entrance ramp.” WRONG! The exit (and entrance) ramps were all blocked off too. There were even police officers on the overpasses. The first exit I came to that was open was the one that takes me right back home again. Now how ridiculous is that? I drove for over 30 minutes only to end up back at the same spot I started from. Of course that meant I had to start all over again only this time I had to stick to ground level streets instead of the interstate. I ended up getting to Ap0k’s office almost an hour later than I intended.
So what was all the hoo-ha about? Why was the interstate shut down?
Because Bush was here visiting! They shut all of the northbound lanes down so that he could travel alone on it. What kind of crap is that?
This is the THIRD time that Bush has screwed up my drives. It happened twice in Tampa and now once here. Grrrrrr!!!!!! I understand he’s an important man and all, but come on, I had places to go as did everyone else on the interstate. It probably wouldn’t have bothered me near as bad if they had just made us wait, but to make us go the exact opposite way we were intending was just not cool.
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