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Thursday, September 14, 2006

All Stressed Out Over Nothing 

I finally got around to transferring my driver’s license from Florida to Ohio. I had kept putting it off because it was going to be such a hassle to get it all done. In the end I finally had to go through with it because my Florida license was due to expire on Monday.
I looked up the BMV site to see what info I would need to bring and was horrified. Not only did you need your current license and your social security card, it also said you need a birth certificate, a marriage license if you have changed your name, and possibly a credit card or other form of ID with your name and/or social security number on it. To top it all off, a person transferring license from another state to Ohio has to take a written test! I haven’t had to take a written driving test in over 20 years.
I downloaded the BMV driver’s handbook in pdf format and read through it but couldn’t find anything different from Florida other that what to do if you are on the highway during ice and snow conditions.
Of course I got all stressed out because tests always throw me for a loop. I can know a subject forwards, backwards, and upside down, but if you ask me to take a test on it I will almost always have a minor panic attack.
There are only 2 places in this county that you can take the test so I was sure I would have to wait in line forever.
I gathered all of my forms of ID and headed for the office farthest away from the center of the city.
When I got to the sheriff’s sub-station to take the test I didn’t even have to wait in line. The officer looked at my Florida license, filled out the info on paper, and then gave me an eye test. He then sent me over to the computer to take the test and I went through my minor attack. The test consisted of 40 questions total and you were only allowed to miss 11 of them or you fail. I answered the first 29 questions correctly and it stopped the test on me and said I passed. WHEW! What a relief that was!!!! I would have been terribly embarrassed if I had failed the test after having driven for so many years. I went to the next counter and another officer filled out my paperwork and sent me to the office next door to get the license itself.
Again I didn’t have to wait. I was called right up to the counter and I went up armed with all the forms of ID they said I would need. In the end the girl only asked for my Florida license, my social security card, and $23. Why do they make you bring all that other stuff and then not ask to see it?
I had my picture taken (gag!), waited the 2 minutes it takes for the computer to spit the license out, and off I went.
The whole thing, which I thought was going to be a major ordeal, took only 35 minutes from beginning to end. Now I am officially a citizen of Ohio!
Here is what I really don’t understand. When I entered the sheriff’s substation there were four people sitting at computers taking the test. When I left the office those same four people were STILL sitting at the computers. What was taking them so long? The test is multiple choice and almost all of the questions are brain dead simple. When I went to the other office to get the license itself there were 3 people standing at windows doing their thing. When I left they were all still standing there! One guy was getting pretty belligerent too. He wanted to know why he needed to show ID to get his license. He said that he had legitimately passed the written test and that is all that should matter. He should be able to get his license without showing any ID at all. The other two people didn’t have anything with their social security numbers on them. The clerks were trying to explain to them how to get copies of their social security cards and birth certificates, but even though both people looked normal enough, evidently they were dumb as rocks because they just weren’t getting it at all.

As a reward forgetting through the whole thing without panicking I took myself shopping. I bought 3 small dressers (2 white and one pine), a blue king size comforter, a bed skirt, 6 towels, 6 pairs of undies (gotta have my new undies!!!), a silver bowl for my blue balls, 2 blankets, and a pink/grey/white Adidas tracksuit.

All that stress over nothing. When will I learn not to worry about things that MIGHT happen?
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