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Saturday, July 15, 2006

This And That 

Ap0k Is A Pain In My Back!

My back is killing me. It hurts when I sit down, lie down, stand up, or bend over.
I blame it on Ap0k. It was fine earlier today, but ever since we had a bit of a romp it’s been all out of whack. When will he learn that I am just not physically capable of swinging from the chandelier?


Bashing Celebrities Children

I post on a couple different celebrity gossip forums. Most of the time it’s just good natured cattiness, but sometimes it gets out of hand.
I can’t see how people get such joy out of completely trashing someone that they don’t even know. Yes, it can be fun talking crap about the awful outfits and hairstyles some celebrities sport. Yes, sometimes it can a bit of a hoot making fun of an actress’ bad implants. What I don’t find amusing is when people call actresses whores or sluts. We don’t know these people so how can we judge their personal lives? All we know about them is what the tabloids print and we all know how unreliable they are. Just because an actress wears a revealing outfit it doesn’t automatically make her a whore.
What I find completely over the top is when people start bashing the child of a celebrity. What would cause a person to say that a child looks retarded? What joy do you get out of saying a child is ugly? These people like to defend themselves by saying it is actually a bash aimed at the celebrity and not the child, but somehow I really doubt the child would see it that way if they were to read some of the comments that are made about them. While an adult celebrity chose the lifestyle that requires them to be followed around by photographers 24 hours a day, the child did not. I think celebrity children should be off limits to the paparazzi. It has to be awful for these poor kids.
What sad little lives these people must live when they get enjoyment out of bashing a child.
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