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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

It's Not The Heat, It's The Lack Of Humidity 

People around here are all in a tizzy over the weather. Granted, it IS hot, but most of these people don’t realize how much worse it could be.
I am used to Tampa heat mixed with Tampa humidity. The Cincinnati heat to humidity ratio is completely different.
Take today for example; it is currently 94F with a heat index of 96. The humidity is sitting at 55%.
What I am used to is basically the same temperatures, but with humidity levels in the 95-100% range. At that point it’s like getting hit in the face with a hot wet towel every time you walk out of the door.
55% humidity is for lightweights!

I love the heat and the sun and I honestly do look forward to the hot days here.
The people who live across the street told me the other day that when they see me out mowing my grass they automatically know it’s too hot for them to go outside.

Yesterday it was 99F and I had to go to WalMart. I tossed on some jeans and a tank top, jumped in my truck, opened all the windows, and off I went happy as could be. Sitting at stoplights I realized I was the only one with my windows down. Everyone else was completely closed up in their cars with their air conditioners on. I try to go to WalMart during the day on weekdays because there are A LOT less people there. Because of this, the only other people shopping are stay-at-home moms and older people. The outfits I saw people wearing were absolutely hysterical to say the least. Some of these people, mostly women, had the least amount of clothes on that you could imagine. Little tiny tiny shorts and skirts, half shirts, bikini tops, etc. A few of them looked pretty good, some looked halfway decent, but trust me on this, the vast majority of them had no business leaving their houses dressed the way were. Yes, I understand it’s hot, but do these people really think we want to look at sweaty fat rolls? If you are running from your air conditioned car to a massively air conditioned building, it would not kill you to wear all of your clothes! At least show a little class and wear an entire shirt for goodness sake!

Everywhere I go lately all people want to do is bitch about how hot it is. The grocery store, the book store, the convenience store, everywhere it’s the same. These people wouldn’t last 5 minutes in Florida!
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