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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Senze Magazine - Issue #5 

Issue #5 of Senze Magazine is out!

This issue features:

*A profile on Nelly Recchia, a Hollywood make-up artist and body painter. There are several pictures featuring her work and I find all of the to be completely stunning.

*The Fashion section is all about black and red latex whith photos taken by Stellan Stebe.

*Annelie and Anton are musician and fetish wear designers. There is a nice interview with both of them.

*Eva Bende is a Hungarian artstistic clothing designer who's designs are based on nature. There is a very interesting article about her along with some samples of her work. The dress on page 72 is almost shockingly beautiful.

*Page 81 is a small featurette from Kija explaining how she became a fetish model. Leave it to Stellan Stebe to find us the most beuatiful girls around.

*Pay special attention to the ten page spread featuring the photography work of Nicola Ranaldi. These pictures are fantastic!

*This issue's Book Section contains a review of the photography book "Digital Diaries" by Natacha Merritt.

All in all this issue is another top-notch effort from the whole Senze staff!
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