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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Drama At The Waffle House 

Ap0k and I went to Waffle House at 5:30AM Saturday morning. For some reason nothing in town stays open all night or opens early, so when you are hungry in middle of the night (or early morning), Waffle House it is.
Apparently the 3rd shift staff did not complete all of their scheduled cleaning tasks before they left because the 1st shift staff was pretty annoyed about it. Of course the restaurant has to be cleaned so the 1st shift staff was doing it all. The two guys working there weren’t complaining much, but the two girls were fussing pretty good.
One of the girls finally took it upon herself to complain to the manager, which of course I think was the right thing to do. Unfortunately instead of going about it the right way she was loud and kind of obnoxious about it. When the manager tried to explain to her that while he would deal with the 3rd shift later, they still had to clean everything up at that time. Instead of letting it drop the girl just kept getting louder and more belligerent.
Now if you haven’t actually eaten at a Waffle House before, I know you had to have at least seen them. They are tiny little places. So of course we, and all of the other customers, could every word of the argument going on. By now everyone in the restaurant, employees and customers were completely silent. Not a peep from anyone. Total silence except for the waitress because by now the manager was being very quiet. All of a sudden she came storming out of the back crying saying that she had been fired. Still not a peep from anyone else in the whole place. She stomped around a bit gathering up her stuff and saying things like “They’ll have a hard time replacing me.” Finally the other girl who works there asked her if she was going to be ok, but crying girl just mumbled something and went outside.
The customers started talking again then, but the rest of the staff just went about their duties like little ants. They wanted no part in any of it!
When we had finished eating and went outside to leave, the girl was still sitting outside on a curb crying like mad.

I totally understand her point of view. She was right that it wasn’t fair that the 1st shift had to do the 3rd shift’s duties. Sadly she went about it totally unprofessionally and got fired. I felt bad for her, but the manager only did what he had to do.

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