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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Winton Woods 

Ap0k and I went to Winton Woods today. It is an absolutely gorgeous park! I have talked about Sharon Woods in the past and posted a number of pictures of that park. Winton Woods is even bigger than Sharon Woods!

Like Sharon Woods, Winton Woods surrounds a large lake. Since we were looking for something new and different to do today we rented one of the pedal boats and peddled our happy buts all over the place. Let me just say this; you will never know just how out of shape your thighs really are until you pedal a boat around in the water!! I pedaled by myself quite a bit and at one point my thighs were cramping up so bad I was just sure my muscles were going to explode right out of my pants. I probably won’t be able to walk tomorrow. It was A LOT of fun.

Now you KNOW I couldn’t go out and not take pictures.

This is Winton Pavilion at Winton Harbor. It was taken from the middle of the lake:

Of course I had to take a picture of the prerequisite duck:

Here is an Ohio Gator. OK OK it’s a log, but if you were in Florida and saw that shape you would head the other way immediately:

Just to show what a gorgeous day it was, I took a picture of one of the many kites flying around. The sky was a pristine blue:

There was no way that Ap0k could have left the driveway today without his girlfriend.
Isn’t she stunning!!!

It was a fantastic day all around.
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