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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Shipping Packages - The New Scam? 

Shipping packages seems to have become a money making scam.

The last two times I have shipped packages through the post office I have paid extra for 3-4 day delivery. Both times the packages actually took 10 days to arrive at their destination. Now keep in mind these packages were not going any great distance. Both were shipped to a residence five hours away. They were shipped to a house in a town that has a post office so it wasn’t like they had to be trekked out into the boonies. The first package delay I could almost forgive because it was sent just before Christmas, but the second was shipped in February. In both cases I paid an extra $10 to get them there by a specific date. Of course there is no one to complain to about this. The post office ships so many letters and packages each day that one complaint means nothing to them.

Now we come to today. I had two packages to ship, one to Florida and one to Tennessee. The package to Florida needed a box and peanuts. The package to Tennessee was already boxed and only needed a label. Having had such bad luck with the post office I decided to use UPS this time. Imagine my surprise when everything was totaled up and the cost came to $73!!! I didn’t even choose rapid delivery; I went with straight ground delivery.
I could darn near have driven the packages to the locations for less money. For that price the packages damn well better get there on time!

The cost of shipping a package has gotten ridiculous!!!!
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