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Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens 

Ap0k and I made our first trip to the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens today. The weather was almost illegally gorgeous! Of course I took my normal one zillion pictures, but I have paired them down to show just a few of them. Have I ever said that I am totally in love with my camera? There were tons of people there, but it wasn’t really too bad. I will say that by the time we left I had had my fill of children and their ignorant parents.

Because this is Easter weekend, all of the animals were given paper-mache Easter eggs filled with treats. It was really cute!

First I will start with the animals:

These are the “Siegfried & Roy's White
Lions of Timbavati”. They are amazingly pretty. I thought it was neat how their manes looked like they had been freshly styled. (I know, I’m a dork!)

This is a Sumatran Rhino

A Grevy’s Zebra

Greater Flamingos. These flamingos are nesting. Please note the egg in the first picture.

A Great Eland

An Indo-Chinese Tiger

Asian White Tigers

This is a Japanese Macaque

The world’s largest lizard, the Kimodo Dragon. It’s one of my favorite animals on the planet.

Some kind of a BIG icky spider. It was as big as my hand.

Stellar’s Sea Eagle. The biggest bird I have ever seen.

A male peacock showing off for the ladies.

A Trumpeter Swan

And of course, a Polar Bear

We toured the zoo during the Zoo Bloom Tulip Mania. Below are examples of some of the tulips and various other flowers.

This was only 8.7MB out of 252MB. It was really difficult to choose which pictures to post. I hope you enjoy them.

We will definitely be going back, whether Ap0k likes it or not! LOL! Just kidding, he will take me wherever I want to go, whenever I want to go, with no complaints. I missed a few exhibits this time, so I have to go back and check them out.
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