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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

TCRF Has A Whole New Look! 

It’s finally done! Well, almost.

The Cutting Room Floor has finally been upgraded and has a whole new look. Please take a look and let me know what you think of it.

Trader worked for quite awhile on the main template, and then La Chienne de la Nuit, Nautleyriver, Napier, and I worked like mad people trying to work all of the kinks and bugs out. We had to set up all of the contributor and benefactor status’s by hand which seemed to take forever. There was a problem with some of the test posts (we made a zillion of them) not opening and it took us three days to figure that one out! It ended up being a bug in the forum coding that for some reason locked posts shut if they had clickable links in them. Once I turned off “live linking” all of the locked posts opened. Now the real funny thing is, if you use the yABB tags to make the links clickable, the posts are fine. Not sure what is going on there, because enabling live linking just puts the tags in automatically for you. Odd to say the least.

We had a problem getting the posts to transfer over so most of the posters are working on reposting their movies on the new forum. We have also been making large posts for the major posters that contain links to all of their live files on the old forum.

When we first went live with the new forum it looked so empty, but in 24 hours we managed to get FOUR pages of movie posts alone. That was fantastic to see.

There are still a few things that need worked out. We need to add a “sort by” feature, and we need to add coding to the template to make visited links change color. Other than that everything seems to be working pretty good, and everyone seems to really like the new design and the new features.

You know, when you stop to think that all of us are spread so far apart, it really is amazing how well it all worked out.
La Chienne de la Nuit lives in Australia, Nautleyriver lives in Canada, and Napier, Trader, and I live in completely different sections of the US. That we can all work together over IRC to come up with something so complex is really quite neat.

I want to thank everyone for all of their hard work. I also want to thank eggman for all his work on the new name gifs, and all of his suggestions for the new forum. You guys all kick some major ass!

I also want to thank all of the posters. Without you guys, TCRF would be an empty boring forum. Trust me, I know how hard it is to find the movies, make the previews, and upload the files. It can be a real bitch sometimes, but you guys keep on going and going.
Major props to all of you!

And to the repliers….while most of the posters aren’t looking for any recognition, it is still nice to get your replies. It makes the work involved in posting worth it to know that people appreciate it. Just a word of thanks, a joke, or a nice comment here and there, makes a poster continue on with what they are doing. Thanks guys!

As for you lurkers, I see you out there you know! And now not only can I see that you are logged in, I can also see who is looking at what post. It only takes a couple seconds to make a thank you reply. Come on, join in! We won’t bite you, I promise.

If you have any suggestions for the forum, either PM me there, leave me a message here, or you can email me.

I hope you like the new forum!
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