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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Slyly Disturbed 

I am disturbed, no, more like horrified.
I just saw Sly Stone on the Grammy Awards and it was truly frightening.
First off, a man that old with a giant white mohawk is enough to catch your attention for sure. I loved the jacket he was wearing.

The disturbing thing was, Sly no longer lives in the same world that the rest of us do. He was standing in front of his keyboard, but was just making jabbing motions at it. They accidentally showed him from the side once and you could see he was not only not playing, he was just kind of pointing at the keys. He was also not singing. They were playing an old recording of his and he wasn't even mouthing the words.
All of a sudden, he just wandered off the stage.

It was one of the most sadly disturbing things I have ever seen. Doing a tribute to him was a great idea yes, but I don't think they should have brought him out on stage. It pretty much closes the career on a true legend on a low note.
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