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The life of a porn addicted housewife.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I Am An Addict 

Hi, my name is AGFH and I am an American Idol addict.
I love everything about it. I think the bad auditions are hysterically funny. The pissed off people make me laugh right out loud even though I am by myself. The worse they, the more I love them. What I don’t understand are the truly awful people who throw massive swearing fits after they are rejected. What are they trying to prove? There was a girl on tonight who must have used every swear word known to man.
What amazes me are the family members who support these awful “singers”. Do they honestly believe they have talent? Are they tone deaf or just overly supportive?
I realize though that at this point some people who know fully well they suck come on just to try to get on TV. Pitiful!
I have a question; has anyone in a costume EVER made it though to Hollywood?

No matter how this year ends up, no one will ever top Fantasia. That girl kicks ass!
Though, the two sets of twins tonight show a lot of potential.

Boy, did they ever murder Lady Marmalade tonight; I think my ears are bleeding!!!!!!
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