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The life of a porn addicted housewife.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Those of you who know me know that I am an insomniac. If I sleet for four hours in a row I consider it a good night’s sleep.
Well this morning I woke up at 11am, after sleeping for nine hours straight. NINE HOURS!
My back hurt, my head felt like a concrete block, and I was sweating like mad.
I guess 4 hours isn’t so bad after all.

The members of Saving Face have decided if there is ever a movie about the forum, Jenna Jameson will play me. How cool is that? I loves me some Jenna!

People I am officially sick of:

*Lindsay Lohan – Teen du jour of the moment. Seems she is being put in every movie that needs a teen actress. Why on earth is she in a movie about JFK? Why is she in a movie about the Lennon killing (in a made up part!) Ugh.
*Jennifer Aniston – Go away please! I have never found her to be the least bit entertaining. Her movies are drivel. And please, I can’t be the only one who wished that Rachael and Ross would get hit by a bus. Now I hear they are making some Friends “specials”? *GAG*
*Reese Witherspoon – Yeah, she’s cute, but that doesn’t make her Oscar caliber.
*Jessica Simpson – I hope Nick takes her to the cleaners!
*Bai Ling – Put some damn clothes on! I’m all for nudity, but really, is Sundance the place for it?
*Kate Moss – Dear, you have a little kid. It’s time to grow up.
*Tom Cruise – But who isn’t? At least he makes for interesting gossip.
*Madonna Haters, Pam Anderson Haters, Jenna Jameson Haters – Admit it, you’re just jealous! LOL! That’s pretty funny really considering I just hated on everyone above.

Why have I become so addicted to ice? It seems that I always have a glass of crushed ice around me somewhere. At least it helps me smoke and eat less I guess. The ice maker scares the crap out of the cats which of course I find horribly amusing.

I must have these or I will die a horrible death:

Unfortunately, Ap0k HATES hooker shoes and boots so it looks like I won’t be getting them anytime soon. Oh well, a girl can dream can’t she?

I think that this is quite possibly one of the coolest tattoos ever!

Well darn, I wrote this 2 hours go and forgot to post it.
Can you tell that I can’t keep a train of thought going today?
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