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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Flea Markets Have Changed! 

Flea markets have changed dramatically over the years.

When I was younger, going to the flea market was like going on a treasure hunt. Booth after booth of diamonds in the rough. While the majority of the stuff was crap, there was always some things hidden away just waiting to be found.
You could go into a booth and furnish your entire kitchen for $10. The booth would have piles and piles of dishes. All you had to do was search around a bit and you could find a complete set. Pans were a dime a dozen. Of course these were used items, but if you took even just a couple minutes you could find some nice things. Today there are new, yet junky quality, kitchen items and they cost a fortune. Why would I want an entire set of dishes covered with badly painted strawberries? And who, please tell me who, buys John Deere dishes?????
Then there were the used book booths. These were ALWAYS my favorites. Racks and racks, stacks and stacks, boxes and boxes, full of books. I could spend hours hunting through them looking for my favorites. You could get sacks of books from all the way back to the 30’s and it cost you very little. Yes I know that times and prices have changed, but in today’s book booths, if you can find them, all they carry are books no older than a year old and even though they are usually torn up, they only want a dollar less than new book store prices. I’d rather pay the extra buck and get a new clean copy.
Today’s flea markets are nothing more than “new cheap tacky crap” malls. Badly made, badly painted knick-knacks that no one with even the slightest amount of taste would want in their house. Cheaply made jewelry. Old outdated computer parts that they want ridiculous prices for. Booth after booth of incense and oils that smell horrible. Booth after booth of “Only $1” crap. Booths full of the tackiest clothes ever made.

Yes, as you can tell, we went to the flea market on Saturday. I will admit that there were a couple booths I could have spent a fortune in. One was filled with cartoon/movie paraphernalia. Statues, figurines, paintings, and drawings of everything from Lon Chaney to Mighty Mouse. If I had disposable cash I would have a room full of that stuff.
The other booth had some beautiful wooden ships. Ap0k saw them and made a beeline for the booth. Some of the ships are stunningly beautiful. They also had some planes that he really liked.
I can’t think of anything else we would have bought.

The MAIN thing that frustrates me about flea markets are the other shoppers. They seem to go into a zone where they are the only people in the place. These people stop on a dime for what appears to be no reason and block everyone else from going anywhere. If they see something they want to look at they will run right into like you aren’t even there.
And don’t even get me started on the people with strollers!!! I have decided that when I become president, my first official decree will be that all parents must pass a stroller obstacle course and get a stroller driver’s license. If you can’t pass the stroller driving test, you must carry your baby. I am sick of getting ran into and blocked by people who can’t drive a stroller! Not to mention the people who walk away from them leaving the baby all alone!

We actually had a good time though. We get a giggle out of watching stupid people buying stupid useless crap. Plus it was a nice, clean, large place so it was a good walk.

We went to Wal-Mart twice today. The first time was to the Super Wal-Mart to get groceries. This Wal-Mart is nice and clean, and the people who go there are nicely dressed and pretty well mannered. Later tonight we needed a cable end (somehow the cats ripped our cable line right out of the wall) so we went down to the “regular” Wal-Mart which is only a few miles from the Super one. The regular Wal-Mart is dirtier, and the people who shop there seem to be, for the most part, made up of a much lower class bunch of people. Now how can two stores that are owned by the same company, and are only a few miles apart, be so different? Makes no sense to me. The products in the stores are the same, and the prices are identical. Odd. I saw something at the regular Wal-Mart that really bothered me. We went into the electronics section and there were two little boys there messing with the video games. That alone is fine; the problem was that their parents were nowhere to be seen. These little boys were about 5 years old and in a store that big they were basically alone. Anyone could have snatched them up and took off with them! What are these parents thinking?

I am thinking that maybe I will drag Ap0k to the Brass Armadillo tomorrow. It’s a cool antiques mall. I’ve been once and had to restrain myself from buying a zillion dollars with of stuff I have no use for at all.
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