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Friday, January 13, 2006

Dreaming Of Crime 

What do you dream about?
I told you the other day about some odd dreams of mine. Lately my dreams have been getting odder and weirder by the night.
A recurring theme in my dreams lately has been television shows. I am not in the shows; I am watching the shows on TV. The problem is that the episodes I am seeing are not real. My mind is completely making up entire episodes. The shows are always the same two, either CSI: Miami or Law and Order SVU. In my dreams, the storylines make complete sense, yet when I wake up I realize they were pretty ridiculous.

*Though if anyone saw last nights CSI Las Vegas, let me just say that they aren’t as odd as that was! Adult babies made primetime TV. Who would have ever thought THAT would happen???? Those giant diapers freaked me out. I give mad props to the guy who played that part. When the girl was changing him and came at him with the enema, I almost hid under the couch!*

Mine are ridiculous in the sense that the scientific information is wrong. The storylines themselves are ok; it’s just that my logic is totally flawed.

A lot of my dreams have a crime theme running through them. Someone has stolen something and I have to figure out who did it, or someone has gone missing and I have to find them. Sometimes I am accused of a crime of some sorts and I have to prove myself innocent.

I have decided that I must be reading too many detective novels and am watching too many crime dramas on television. When they start affecting my dreams I figure that I must be on crime overload.
Will I give either of them up? Of course not! They are my favorites. Detective novels are my passion and crime dramas are the only shows on TV that can hold my attention.

I wonder what it’s like to not remember your dreams? Ap0k very rarely remembers his. I know he’s dreaming because I hear him mumbling in his sleep all of the time. Sometimes my dreams are so vivid that when I wake up I am more tired than when I went to bed. I feel like I need a nap from the night’s adventures.

Maybe I should start drinking an energy drink just before bed? That might help me through the dreams! They are starting to wear me down.
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