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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Packing - And A Present For Josh 

Now that I am in serious packing mode I realize that I have a lot of crap.
I also find that there is more that I want to take with me than I imagined.
Up to and including a second cat. Tiggy was so happy to see me last night that I felt guilty leaving her. I’ve had her for years and she really is part of our family. I promised her she could move too. Last night she talked non-stop for at least 30 minutes. She told me all about what happened while I was gone. Being a good mommy, I listened intently to everything she had to say. Tippy got over his snit and is back to being my shadow again.
I have gotten our bedroom all packed up except for the bed and the shelves.
The kitchen is sorted and 2 boxes are packed with a couple more to go.
Ap0k’s tools are almost ready; I just have to drag the boxes out of the closets.
Tomorrow I will finish the kitchen, clean out the hall cabinet, clean out the shed, pack up the blankets, sheets and the rest of the clothes, and then I should be about done.
The movers are going to pack up all of the electronics and computer equipment.
I am torn on the dryer and the dresser. If it comes down to choosing I will go with the dryer because I just bought it. If there is room in the truck I will take both.
I am leaving an unbelievable amount of stuff. The daughter is going to have her hands full sorting through it all. LOL!!!!

Once we buy a house and move into it, I don’t want to ever move again! This is a pain in the butt.

I received a message from Josh the other day saying he wanted to get his hands on the Nervous Breakdown Mix that I posted the other day, but that the link was dead.
Well Josh…..this is for you!

Nervous Breakdown Mix

Hopefully you (and whoever else wants it) can get it this time!

Ap0k......I miss you terribly!
I love you sooooo much!!!!!
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