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Thursday, November 10, 2005

No Cable Until Wednesday 

My stuff got here today!!!!

The movers were supposed to be here tomorrow, but they got here this afternoon. Could things get any better? We are still in the hotel tonight though because we can’t get the heat to come on in the house. The landlord is sending someone to fix it tomorrow. I am sure we are just doing something wrong. Having lived in Florida we have no experience with heaters at all. Or gas! Gas scares me to death, but I guess I will either have to get used to it, or freeze to death.

Today I went out and bought this dining room set. Well I guess you would actually call it a dinette set:

The cable (TV and internet) were supposed to be turned on in the house this past Wednesday but because the TV and computer weren’t there yet they wouldn’t hook it up for me. I guess the fact that I have had Road Runner since it was in it’s testing phases means nothing. I guess that because I am female I am too stupid to plug the computer into a modem myself. Well at least that is how the technician acted. Now I have to wait until this coming Wednesday. That means I will be without cable for 5 days! ARGH!

I will start setting the house up tomorrow. I am so excited!

I will see you all next Wednesday.
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