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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Favorite TV Characters 

Last Saturday Zen Angel made a post listing her choices for best and worst TV characters. I thought that it was a great idea and figured I would give it a shot myself. While Zen Angel concentrated on TV couples, I decided to focus strictly on individual actors on my favorite shows. The people I choose my not be great actors, but I loved the particular character they were playing. I have also chosen to just list my favorites because listing the worst would take me days and pages (Racheal Green I am looking at you!)

Best TV Characters:

1. James “Sonny” Crockett from “Miami Vice”
Miami Vice ran from 1984-1989 and in my opinion is one of the best TV shows of all time. The show had a great cast featuring the likes of Phillip Michael Thomas (Det.Tubbs), Saundra Santigo (Det. Calabrese), and of course Edward James Olmos (Let.
Castillo). While Don Johnson has a tendency to lean towards the smarmy in the majority of his roles, he pulled off Det. Sonny Crockett to perfection. With a
combination of cockiness, sexiness, and humor, Sonny was a true 80’s girl’s dream.

2. Will Smith on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”
Did any of you think I would actually make a list of favorites without adding Will Smith? TFPoBA was and still is a favorite of mine. If I happen to pass the show when I am flipping channels I always back right up and watch whatever episode is on.
Smith’s character (Will Smith – what a stretch of the imagination) was so cute and so sweet. He always tried to do the right thing no matter what. I will admit that at the time, I never thought that he would end up being a mega-star. The show, while
basically a comedy, showcased a good strong family. Harmless and safe for the whole

3. Radar on “M*A*S*H”
M*A*S*H is one of those shows that pretty much everyone has seen. If you haven’t
then you either don’t have a TV or you live under a rock. While all of the characters
on the show were strong, Radar, played by Gary Burghoff, was my favorite. Alan Alda’s Hawkeye was just too liberal for me (though that came later in the series), and Loretta Swit’s Hotlips Hollihan was just a bit too hard. Radar on the other hand was such a sweet guy. The teddy bear is what did me in. It showed the true nature of
innocent young men stuck in war situations. Always willing to do what was needed to
help out, yet strong enough not to be stepped on, Radar was the real “true man” on the show.

4. John Gage from “Emergency!”
No, this wasn’t an award winning show, nor were the actors Shakespeare quality, but darrnit, Randy Mantooth’s John Gage was a true little girls dream man. Good looking, smart, brave, and a paramedic, what more could a little girl in the 70’s want?

5. Jim Ignatowski from Taxi
Christopher Lloyd played the Reverend Jim perfectly. A total burn-out who lived in his van, Rev. Jim acted like a totally loon. I guess what ended up making him my favorite character on the show was the episode where Elaine (Marilu Henner) was feeling bad because she wanted to be whisked away to a castle by a Prince Charming. Rev. Jim, knowing he wasn’t the prince still cut the roof off of his van (the only thing he owned) into the shape of a castle top. All he wanted to do was make her feel better. How could you not love someone who did that for a friend?

6. Fred Sanford from “Sanford & Son”
Red Foxx as Fred Sanford. “Elizabeth, I’m comin’ to join you honey!”
Enough said.

7. Archie Bunker from “All In The Family”
Carroll O’Conner as Archie Bunker is another character that pretty much every adult knows. Loud mouth, opinionated, and innocently racist (bizarre I know), Archie was someone we all knew in real life. The episode that nearly killed me? The one right after Edith died and Archie found one of her slippers under the bed. That was one of the most realistically heartbreaking scenes I have ever seen.

8. Della Street on both “Perry Mason” series
The Perry Mason books, though almost all written before I was born, are among my
favorites. Played by Barbara Hale on the 50’s and 80’s series’, the actress made the
character from the books her own. I wanted to BE Della Street when I was younger.
Oh who am I kidding? I STILL want to be her. Always there for both Perry and Paul,
Della was the glue that held the office together. A perfect lady that always left you wondering what she, Perry, and Paul got up to when we weren’t looking.

9. Columbo on Columbo (DUH!)
Some of you know that I am huge fan of cop/detective shows. Columbo is one of the finest of them all. The seemingly bumbling, forgetful, ever cigar smoking Columbo, played by Peter Falk, always got his man in the end. “Oh, one more thing…”

10. Cmdr./Capt. Benjamin Lafayette Sisko on “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”
Deep space Nine was the best of all the Star Trek series’, and Avery Brooks as
Sisko was the best captain. Better than Kirk, and a damned hell of a lot better than
that waste of space Janeway.

I am sure I could come up with more, but 10 seems like a nice round number to end on.


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