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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Jonzun Crew - Old School Electro At It's Finest 

One of the most under-rated Electro groups of the 80’s would have to be Jonzun Crew.
Mixing Electro, Funk, and Sci-Fi, this group epitomizes the genre’.

Formed by brothers Michael, Larry, and Soni Johnson, the group also included Steve Thorpe and Gordy Worthy.

Though the group eventually released three albums, their first, ”Lost In Space”, is without a doubt their best. Released in 1983 and containing such songs as “Pac-Jam” and “We Are The Jonzun Crew”, “Lost In Space” is a MUST HAVE for all old school Electro fans. You may remember the song “Space Cowboy” (my favorite on the album) because it was a Top 20 R&B hit

Jonzun Crew holds a special place in my heart for a few different reasons. When I first met Ap0k in 1984 I was a metal head. I was into Ozzy, Iron Maiden, etc and thought that rap/hip-hop/electro was “stupid”. Ap0k on the other hand was a die hard fan of all things hip-hoppy (that sounds funny!) While we were dating he introduced me to music that I had never considered listening to before only because of it’s labels. He played his tapes over and over and while I did not care for it at first, it quickly became my favorite type of music for life. Jonzun Crew and Whodini were staples on our rides. The song “Ground Control” is forever embedded into my mind because it almost got me squashed! We were driving down the road and had the stereo on wide open as usually. We drove through an intersection, with a green light, and did not hear that there was a fire truck coming. I looked up to see the front of the fire truck coming right at my door! Ap0k stomped on the gas and managed to get by it. I will remember this song forever!

Michael Johnson left the group in 1986. He is now known as the person who “discovered” New Edition. He is also the writer and producer of New Edition’s hit single “Candy Girl. Michael, along with Larry (known as Maurice Starr) also helped develop New Kids On The Block.

Unfortunately “Lost In Space” is no longer in print so the only way to get a copy is to find a used one.

You have two options for download this time. I am going to put a stream up of “We Are The Jonzun Crew” for you to get a taste of Jonzun Crew. I have also uploaded the entire CD for those of you who might want it. The album is a copy of the original, which only contained 6 songs.

1. We Are The Jonzun Crew
2. Space Is The Place
3. Electro Boogie Encounter
4. Ground Control
5. Space Cowboy
6. Pack Jam

Download it HERE.

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