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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Hello Ohio!! 

Well here I am in Ohio, sitting in a hotel room with Lappy.
The weather is crappy, rainy and cold, but that’s something I will have to get used to I guess.

The drive yesterday went well. It took me approx. 14 hours to get here.
Man oh man; I-75 gets HIGH through Tennessee! I was afraid to look over the side in a lot of places. You know you are high when your ears start popping.
The views were stunning though. I came through at just the right time. The leaves are changing so it was a mass of color everywhere I looked. In some places I even stayed behind the slow moving semi-trucks just so I could get a good look around. It’s a shame they don’t have places to pull over so that you can take pictures.

There is a lot of construction on I-75 through Georgia. The speed limit has been lowered of course, so it seems to take DAYS until you finally make it to Tennessee. If there is one place I will never speed, it is through a construction site. I’ve worked on road projects before and let me tell you, almost getting hit is not a pleasant feeling.

Amazingly I only saw two wrecks and both of them seemed pretty minor.

On I-75 North in Florida at the northern exit to Live Oak is the largest Rebel flag I have EVER seen in my life. I can imagine that it has pissed A LOT of people off!!!! I would even guess that there have been a lot of people who won’t even get off at that exit. I am surprised they allow it to be there. What’s strange is that it appears to be a county maintained site.

In Kentucky I was cut off by an ass in a black Escalade. He was whipping through traffic cutting off people left and right. About 3 miles or so down the road I came up on him pulled over to the side of the road by two police officers. Ahhhhh Karma. Sometimes it comes through for you.

When I left Tampa yesterday morning it was storming SO badly! Wilma was knocking hard on the door. Even though the storm was south of us, the way the storm was swirling made it so that I had to drive straight into the wind and rain coming from the north. It took me forever just to get to Ocala which normally takes no time at all. I had to drive almost to Gainesville before I got out of the heavy rain. It ended up raining/sprinkling/pouring on me several times through the whole trip. The scariest was in the mountains. We were in the clouds and the road was wet wet wet.

Today I am looking at local realtor websites trying to get a feel for what’s out there.
Ap0k is bringing lunch soon and then I think I will go out driving. My first stop will be to get a map! I am soooooooo lost right now! I’ll get the hang of the area pretty quick though. One thing I have noticed already, as bad as they say the roads are in Tampa, they are nothing compared to how crappy they are here! Ap0k is going to have to get a 2nd car pretty quickly or his baby will be beat to hell in no time. Good thing I drive a truck.

And yes, I am still overwhelmed!!!!!
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