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Monday, October 17, 2005

Channel 43 - BackSpin 

Just wanted to let anyone who REALLY likes old school rap, electro, and hip-hop to check out channel 43 on Sirius Radio.
The channel is called BackSpin and the music they play will just kill you.
Of course they have Grandmaster Flash, Run DMC, NWA, Public Enimy, LL Cool J (swoon), A Tribe Called Quest, etc, but they also play lesser known acts such as Cybotron, Jimmy Spicer, Leaders of the New School, Mellow Man Ace, etc.

Sirius Radio has channels for every taste, every type of music, sports and talk, but once I put it on channel 43 I don't have it in me to change it. Every song is better than the last.
And one of the DJs is Kurtis Blow, how can you not LOVE that????

Try the free 3 day stream, we did and now, cheap as we are, we actually pay for it.

Best of all.....no commercials and it's not censored.
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