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Monday, October 31, 2005

Back Down To Pack I Go 

I am leaving for Tampa first thing tomorrow morning.
Ap0k has too much to do at work so I will be going back by myself.
I have sooooo much to do!
The movers will be there on Friday to pick everything up so I have go get everything sorted and packed.
Unfortunately the furniture will not be delivered up here until Thursday or Friday of next week. That means I will need to pack the blankets, the bathroom stuff, and at least some of the kitchen stuff in my truck to bring back with me. We will have to sleep on the floor for close to a week, but at least there is carpet so we should be just fine.
All of the utilities are on and in our names now. The cable (TV and internet) s not scheduled to be turned on until the 9th so I will be without for a few days. What will I do without the internet????? Guess I had better bring some books back with me too.
While I am down there I have to remember to get a cat carrier, turn of ]f the utilities, go to the post office to get the address changed and the mail forwarded, etc.
Saturday morning I will head back up here for good.
The packing should be easy enough once I figure out what is going and what all is staying. The movers said there would be no problem with them bringing Ap0k’s tools and stuff so that is a load off my mind.

With the drive down there, the days I will be there, and the drive back, I will be apart from Ap0k for 5 days. I hate that! I miss him terribly when we are not together.
But this should be the last time we will be separated for awhile than goodness!!!!

I will have cable down there for a few days so I will be able to check in now and then.
I’ll leave a note here when I leave.
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