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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Alright, Who's The Thief???? 

Yesterday someone broke in to two of the houses right across the street from me.

I spent all day here by myself yesterday, pretty much minding my own business as usual. At about 3PM someone knocked on my door and I went outside to find two police officers standing there. They told me that the house across the street to the left of me had been broken into and they were wondering if I had seen anything. Because I am one of the only ones on my street that is home during the day I normally know when people come and go. I rarely watch TV or anything so I hear what’s going on outside. Yesterday though I spent all day listening to music pretty much wide open so a heard of elephants could have run through my yard and I wouldn’t have noticed. Also I almost always go out and mow my lawn on Monday mornings/early afternoons, but yesterday I was feeling lazy and decided to wait until late afternoon.
I told the police I had seen nothing and they went on their way. About 2 hours later the guy who lives across the street on the corner came home and found that his house had been broken into also. Now I felt doubly bad for not noticing anything. This guy has bars on all his windows so the thieves ended up kicking out the bottom panel of his back door. If I hadn’t had the music on so loud I would possibly have heard that. So again the police show back up at my door, though this time it was a different officer, and again I had to go through the whole “I saw nothing” bit.

From what I understand all that was taken was a flat screen TV from one house and a large water bottle full of change from the other. There is a field full of power lines behind both of the houses, so I suspect the thieves came in from that way over the fence.

I was amused at the differences in the 3 officers I spoke to yesterday. The first two were a guy/girl team. The guy was young and seemed shy as heck. It took everything he had to ask me my name and phone number. The girl was about a foot shorter than me but there was no doubt in my mind that this girl could have taken me down without blinking. The third officer who came over later was much more personable than the first two. He liked my cat and told us that he has 6. He also said that if a red-headed female officer ever shows up at our door to hide the cats because that is his wife and she can’t resist a cat at all which is why they have 6. He seemed to want to chat, must have been a slow night I guess.

On a different note all together, it looks like we will find out tomorrow if we will be making the move to Ohio or not. The guy who has the final say on money and stuff like that is coming down here to talk to Ap0k sometime tomorrow. I told him I will probably get out of bed and immediately roll under it. I plan on staying under there until I hear from him. It is unbelievable who stressful it is to have no control over something so major in your life.

Oh, and on an even different note, my daughter called today and said that her induction date has been moved to Monday. ACK!!!!
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