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Saturday, September 03, 2005

There's A Sale At Penny's! 

There’s a sale at Penny’s!

Yes, you heard me right, there’s a sale at Penny’s. Everything in the store is 15-75% off. How could we resist a sale like that? We scavenged through the clothes and both of us came out with some nice things. I even bought some “grown up” clothes *gasp*. Of course I made it out of the store with the necessary jeans and t-shirts, but I also bought two pairs of nice soft cords, two pairs of casual/dress pants, and two really pretty sweaters. I will have to put the sweaters up in the closet for a couple months because it’s still too hot here. In fact while I was trying on one of them I broke out in a massive sweat. Ap0k tried to get me to buy a skirt, and while it was pretty, I am just not ready for that yet. I feel totally uncomfortable dressed like that. Ap0k actually found shirts that fit him correctly which is almost a miracle. His shoulders are so wide that he needs a 2X, but it seems that clothing manufacturers think that the bigger you are, the shorter you are. That makes no sense! Penny’s actually had 2X Tall which is fantastic! He ended up with 4 shirts and a belt.
I love having new clothes, and I don’t mind shopping for them, what I hate though is actually trying them on. I am very claustrophobic and they NEVER make the fittings rooms airy enough. Most stores have fitting rooms that are way too small and make me feel like I’m in a little box. Even the fitting rooms that seem large enough have no air in them. I can try on one thing with no problems, but by outfit number two I can’t breathe. By the third outfit I want to run screaming out of the store. I would try on more clothes, which would result in me spending more money if the stores would just blow fans into the fitting rooms.
While we were walking around we passed a woman who must have had an entire bottle of perfume on. Why do women do that? Let me just say that if you feel you need that much perfume to cover up your natural smell, a shower would probably do you wonders!
Perfume is supposed to be alluring, enticing, pleasant, but most importantly, subtle. Perfume is NOT supposed to overwhelm everyone around you.

It rained buckets this even. The main road into my neighborhood was completely flooded. That happens now and then, but it rained so hard and so fast that this time it actually flooded my little street too. That used to be normal, but ever since the county came out and cleaned out our drains it’s pretty rare.

Here’s a new picture of Tippy. He’s the one that was born so small. We had to force his mom to feed him and we had to hold him constantly to keep him warm. We were sure he would die, but he had a strong heart and made it. He weighs 7 pounds now!

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