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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Mash-Up Mix 

These are just a few of the mash-ups I have picked up here and there over time.
When known the mixer is listed.
I take no credit for these mixes, I am just passing them along to you.
(Download available at the bottom of this post)

Aggro1 - Chemical Brothers vs Seals and Croft
(Never heard Summerbreeze like this before I bet!. A little rough in spots, but a great job nonetheless)

bangers&mash - Snoopin is taboo
(Snoop and Sade, who would have thought they would fit together so well?)

MissFrenchie - Yazoo Kiss
(Kiss vs Yazoo - I was made for lovin you and Don't go - great mash!)

Aggro1 - Afrika Bambaata vs Rammstein
(Flippin Fantastic!!!)

Aggro1 - Johnny Cash vs Ashanti
(This one is the intrumental version of Hurt put the lyrics of Rock Wit U. My husband refuses to listen to this song as he says it is sacrilege to mess with Cash's version of Hurt. Excellently done.)

Aggro1 - Kelly Clarkson vs The Eagles
(Not a fan of Kelly, but I have to say that this A+B mash sounds like an original song)

DJ John Mash-Up 0 Alan Parsons Project - Friends Medley
(A mash/mix of many different songs that comes together into something fantastic)

-=soundwasta=-Shaggy and The Beatles - Let It Be Me
(Sometimes you just sit back and say "Damn, I never thought that would work!")

10000 Spoons - Chariots Killed The Radio Star
(Classy mash, one of my favorites.)

Autopilot - Bootiful Prudence
(Xtina vs the Beatles. Unbelievably well done mash!)

c.h.a.o.s pruductions - My Other Car Is A Beatle
(OMG well done! One of the best ever. L'Trimm never sounded this good before.)

Cheeckyboy - NWA vs Nirvana
(Nirvana WISHES they had written a song this good!)

Cheekyboy - Smack My Bitch Up When Doves Cry
(This guy has talent! Anyone who can alter a Prince song and ends up with something I don't want to kill them for has my vote!)

djbs - money
(The O'Jays vs Wu Tang Clan. Fits perfectly together.)

PartyBen - Blvd Of Broken Songs
(Oasis and Green Day come together in a song that should have been written intentionally. I can't listen to either of the originals anymore because they both sound empty.)

PartyBen - GorillaCake - Never Feel Good
(Again we have a song that should have been intentional in the first place. PartyBen has a knack for this genre' without a doubt. Once you hear his mashes you can't listen to the originals anymore.)

PartyBen - Tipsy Butterfly
(And the hits just keep coming from PartyBen! Crazy Town, Steve Miller, and J'Kwon, who woulda thunk it?)

Sweet Home Country Grammer
(This worked GREAT! falls off a tad here and there, but well worth the listen.)

team9 - Eleanor's In My Head
(Team 9 brings The Beatles and QOTSA together to bring you the GREATEST mash-up of all time!)

Team9 - Greenday Massacre
(I swear, as much as I love Greenday, they really need to add more to their own songs, as this proves.)

team9 - Undone Soldier
(Duran Duran vs Destiny's Child. I wanted to hate this song, but damned if it is fantastic!)

TimG - Country Basket
(Greenday and Nelly.......I love it!!!! Simply FanFrigginTastic!)

Uptight Imagination
(I have no idea who made this which is a shame because it is fabulous. Beautiful!)

You can download all of these in one rar file HERE
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