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The life of a porn addicted housewife.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Lunchables Make Me Chatty 

So today I decided I needed a Lunchable for lunch.
I am a huge fan of the cheese, meat, and cracker varieties. The pizza, hotdog, etc one are pretty gross though.
My favorite (the one I had today) is the Turkey and Ham with Swiss and Cheddar cheeses and Ritz regular and wheat crackers. The herb sauce goes immediately in the trash of course. Who wants to cover up the taste with a sauce that tastes like crap? I like that they add an Andes mint to the package. An Andes Mint finishes off any meal to perfection.
One thing I do wonder about Lunchables is; do they try to escape?
They must if you judge by the industrial strength glue they use to attach the top to the tray. It’s almost impossible to get the plastic off without slinging the crackers across the room.

I got said Lunchable at the gas station down the street. It’s a nice clean place so I don’t worry about buying food there. The cashier that works there during the day is an absolute hoot. She a lady a couple years older than me and she has the biggest boobs on the planet. If you just glance at her you assume she’s fat, but take a closer look and you’ll see that behind all the boobs she is really pretty slim. This woman can, and will, chat up a storm with anyone who comes in the store. Today I learned that she has quit smoking both cigarettes and pot. She has also quit drinking. She likes to go out and dance on the weekends, so now she only drinks water and lime. I was also told the story of how she injured at work this morning. She was checking in a vendor and reached for a stamp, when she picked it up (it only weighs about 6oz.) she somehow managed to sprain her wrist. She had to go to the emergency room and fill out accident reports which she said made her feel like an idiot. Well I can understand that!
This same lady is not opposed to telling customers off either. I was in the store one day and there was a pretty long line of people waiting. Of course she had to chat up each person so the line was moving pretty slow. This guy at the back of the line starts asking in a loud rude voice “Hey lady, what’s the hold up!?!” She looked daggers at him and told him “If you don’t like how fast I am then put your shit down and go somewhere else.” I thought the poor guy was going to die of embarrassment because we all turned around to look at him and started laughing our butts off.
You have to love people who speak their minds.

Rats, there goes the garbage men and I just realized we never took the trash to the road.

I should be painting the wall in the living room behind the TV right now. I keep staring at it, and it keeps glaring back at me. I just can’t seem to work up the “oomph” to do it though. This whole “will we or will we not move” thing has got me on edge. Part of me says to get off my butt and get the room done just in case. The other half says “why bother?” Even if we do move we won’t sell this house. We don’t owe enough on it to bother fussing with selling it. We will probably end up renting it to my little sister, that way we will know it is being taken care of and the cats can stay because she loves them. I would only take one cat with us and that would be Tippy since he is our “son.”
Keeping the house allows us a fallback if for some reason things did not work out in Ohio. We could also leave some stuff stored here for awhile until we find a house up there. The plan is, if we do go we will rent an apartment and take our time finding a house that suits us. It has to have a basement, a garage, and a large kitchen. That shouldn’t be too hard, but I want to make sure we get the right house in an area we fit into.

I was wondering not to long ago where all of our money goes. I think I figured some of it out…..

This is Ap0k’s girlfriend. All of his extra time and money go to her. Isn’t she a beauty!
And I’m not even jealous!!!
The wheels and tires were just put on over the weekend. I think they look fantastic.

I had to go to a birthday party yesterday for someone I really don’t even know. It was a surprise party for a guy Ap0k works with. I figured it would be awful, but in all honesty it turned out to be not too bad a time. Everyone was nice and talkative, the food was delicious and best of all, we only stayed for a couple of hours. All in all a pretty good time.

I am trying to upload pictures to blogger and it is giving me fits. It’s taking the pictures and not spitting out the html. Because Word spell check does not recognize “blogger” as a real word I was curious to see if Blogger’s spell check did. Nope! You would think they would add their own name to the list of real words.

Man, am I on a pointless ramble today or what????

*Edit* 2 hours later and I still can’t upload my pictures. I can’t even get the upload screen to load now.

*Edit* Another hour later and now none of Blogger will load.

*Edit* Someone seems to have woken the Blogger technicians up. Everything is working again. And because they made me wait so long, now I am going to make them show you another picture. Here is Tippy in his new favorite place……”Daddy’s Spot”….

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