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Friday, September 09, 2005


What would cause a person to be a cyber stalker? What joy is there in creeping someone else out?
I have never had a major cyber stalker, but I have had a few minor ones. Guys who follow me around from forum to forum, always asking for my phone number, or wanting naked pictures. I could never ask a stranger for a naked picture! Would these guys walk up to a woman in the mall and ask her for a naked picture? Asking over the internet is exactly the same thing.
Of course each one of them swears he is trustworthy. And of course each one gets offended when I won’t give them what they want. Well poo on them!
What really gets me is that each one of these guys has known that I am married. Do I come across as that much of a floozy? Why would I want to carry on a relationship with some guy I don’t even know when I have a perfectly good husband right here? Makes no sense to me.
In all of my years on the internet, which is pretty much since it began, I have only spoken to one “internet friend” on the phone, and that was because he had to tell me that someone had died. This guy was so respectful that he actually asked Ap0k first if he could speak to me. I have never met any one of them in person, even though one only lived 30 miles from me.

As I said, all of my stalkers have been minor. I have heard horror stories about other people having major stalkers though. It might start out as scary, but I feel that I know enough about computers and the internet that I could stop them myself. If not I would sic Ap0k on them. That’s what husbands are for!

If you are being stalked and you need help the best advice I can give you is to keep copies of all emails, chat sessions, etc and then call your ISP. Someone there will be able to help you. They will ask you certain details about the emails, like where they came from, how many there are, etc. Give them any and all information that you can.

Remember, never give out any personal information to anyone you don’t know. Do not give chat buddies your real name, your phone number, or your address. Do you really want someone you don’t know showing up at your door? They could SAY that they are one person, but in reality be someone entirely different.

Never meet a chat buddy in person alone. If you MUST meet someone, please, take someone else with you! Again, you have no idea who this person actually is. While they may seem nice in chat, they could be mean as hell in person.

Never never never give a chat buddy a naked picture of yourself! You have no idea what web site that picture will end up on! There are actually web sites that are set up for that type of thing specifically. Guys, or girls, post the pictures and webcams of people they scammed. It has become a game, to see who can post the most.

What starts out as a simple flirtation, or a fun little game, can turn into something horrifying if you aren’t careful. Always play it safe. Cyber stalkers are everywhere.
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