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Friday, September 02, 2005

Bitching Won't Help, But YOU Can!!! 

I am depressed. I have been watching footage of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and I am to the point where I just can’t watch anymore today.
What you need to understand is that it scares me to think that this could just as easily have happened here. As I said the other day, I don’t know how I would handle loosing everything.

What I find even more depressing are the people who are looting, raping, and killing each other. What is that going to accomplish in the end? What causes a person to act like that?

People all over the world are asking why the government is not bringing in food and water. How can they do this when they are being shot at? I heard one interview yesterday that just burned me up. A helicopter pilot trying to bring in food couldn’t land because everyone on the ground had guns. He was afraid to land for fear of getting shot. That is sad. Another pilot told of being shot at while he was trying to rescue people off of a roof. Why would a person shoot at a rescue helicopter?
I heard a report about two hospitals that were broken into and looted. Now if the hospital had been empty it would have been bad enough, but these hospitals had patients in them! The looters took medication that was needed for these patients.
And now there are reports of women getting raped!?!?! What on earth is going through these people’s minds? It is the criminals who are hampering the rescue efforts, not the government!

The lawlessness has gotten to the point where the National Guard has been instructed that they can shoot to kill if need be. That is scary.

Another thing I can’t understand are all of the people screaming for the electric to be turned back one. Excuse me? How can you turn on something that isn’t there anymore?
Having worked hurricane clean-up in the past I can tell you that it is not easy to restore power to a devastated area. There are many steps that have to be taken to restore power.
1. The roads have to be cleared to bring in new poles. That is IF there is even a passable road.
2. The poles all have to be set, which takes time.
3. Now they have to string all of the lines from pole to pole, again, that takes time.
4. They have to run lines from the poles to all of the houses, all the while getting bitched at if they happen to drive a truck in someone’s yard.
5. While all of this is going on, transformers have to be replaced, that is not a fast task either.
6. Where the power stations damaged? If they were, then they have to be repaired and/or replaced also.
Now, none of the steps above can even begin until most, if not all, of the water is gone. These guys can’t be messing with electricity in a flood. They would be electrocuted!
The men who work on restoring the power are from all over the country. While yes they are getting paid, they are also volunteers. No power company who comes to help forces their employees to go. It is done on a volunteer basis. The guys leave their homes and drive hundreds of miles to do the job. They sleep in tents or in their trucks. They work from before sunup to after sundown. They work until they literally drop. Amazingly they are treated badly by many of the same people they are trying to help. While some people do appreciate them and give them water when they can, many others swear at them for not working faster. What these people don’t seem to understand is that the electricians are living in the same conditions as the victims are. It’s not like they go to their comfy homes in the evenings. They go to a field to sleep in their truck! They don’t get enough food or water, but no one seems to care about that.

I have heard several people say that New Orleans should have been mandatorily evacuated 3-4 days prior to the storm. While on paper that sounds good, and I know that these people’s hearts are in the right place, living in a hurricane zone I can tell you that this would never work.
A hurricane can, and does, change tracks numerous times before it hits land. At one point Katrina was on a track to swing around and hit the Tampa Bay area. The next day the track had changed. Before this storm hit the track had it hitting several different places. You cannot logically evacuate all of those areas.
There is another thing though that you need to realize. While the government does have evacuation plans at the ready, when one million people need to evacuate, all plans go out the window. Each family does what it sees fit to do. Whether that be leave, stay, or run around like crazy people. While I know our states evacuation routes, I doubt I would follow them because so many other people would be that the roads would be clogged completely. Luckily we know the state well enough that back roads are an option. Granted other people would be on those roads too, so we would still probably be stuck, but there is no way I would get on the interstate.

I don’t want you to think that I don’t have sympathy for the victims. I truly do feel for them. I do want them to shoot the looters, rapists, and general scum that are causing this to be worse than it needs to be.
I also know that these people chose to live where they do. And don’t give me this crap about being stuck somewhere. This is America, if you want to move, move! Get a new job somewhere else. If you don’t have a job then the government is probably sending you checks, and I guarantee that they will send them to your new address. Don’t have enough cash to move? Sell some of you stuff. Yes I know it’s not as easy as I make it sound, but it can be done. In the end they chose to live there, just like we choose to live here. I live very close to the Port of Tampa. If the same situation were to happen here, I would be in the same boat. But I WOULDN’T be complaining that the government didn’t build a giant wall around the water. That is just ridiculous! I know the risks of living here, yet I stay. So if something like this were to happen, I have no one but myself to blame.
I saw someone ask why the levees and walls around New Orleans were not rebuilt. Where is the money supposed to come from? If the government had said they were going to spend the money on that, the people that live there would have thrown a fit and said it was too costly.

The government is in a no-win situation. If they had MADE everyone leave they would have been accused of running a police state. Since they didn’t MAKE everyone leave they are now being accused of not caring about the citizens. They are accused of not bringing in food, yet they are shot at when they try to. They are accused of not offering shelter, yet they opened the entire Superdome as a shelter. It’s not the government’s fault that the utilities at the Superdome went down. The utilities in the entire city were shut down. You can’t fault the government for that.

I am also tired of all the people across the US complaining that not enough people are going in to help in the rescue/relief efforts. These people are complaining from the comfort of their homes! If they feel so strongly about it, then they should pack their bags and head over there. Only then should they be allowed to complain.

Another thing, all of the media seems to be focusing on New Orleans, Biloxi, and Gulf Port. While I understand they were badly hit, what about all of the little towns that were destroyed? Doesn’t anyone care about them? Are they not newsworthy too?

I’m sorry this was such a rambling mess. I am just so angry at this point I’m not even making sense to myself. I have seen firsthand what it takes to recover from a disastrous hurricane, and all of the complaining people are doing isn’t going to help anything. Last year Florida was ravaged by hurricanes. I saw with my own eyes the devastation that is caused. The people who were affected by Hurricane Katrina need your HELP; they don’t need you to bitch about the government. They need food, and they need water. They need clothing and they need the basic necessities of life. In fact, there are thousands of people who need EVERYTHING.
How can you help?

You can donate money to the Red Cross. I have seen these people in actions, and let me tell you, they are true miracle workers.

You can also donate money to Feed The Children

The Salvation Army is another worthy organization that could use your help.

WalMart has allocated $15,000,000 towards the relief efforts. They have already given the Red Cross $1,000,000. Each store is also collecting donations at this time at all WalMart and Sam’s Club locations. As a side note, WalMart (those evil people) are going to continue to pay the associates whose are victims of the hurricane. They are also setting up mini WalMarts throughout the effected areas and will offer food, water, diapers, etc. FREE OF CHARGE to those who show need. Yeah….WalMart sure is evil.

Go through your house and collect up all of the stuff you can to donate when the time comes. People will need clothing, pans, dishes, towels, furniture, toys, etc. Keep these ready for when the collections begin. I for one am going to do this.

When you are out grocery shopping, keep an eye out for the food donation boxes. Buy a little extra and put it in the box.

Remember, bitching won’t help anything, but donations and physical help will!
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