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Friday, August 05, 2005

Senze - An Online Fetish Magazine 

I received a request today to review a new free online fetish magazine.
I admit that I went to the site expecting it to be just another cheap site that was full of pop-ups and junk. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Senze is a real gem. It is full of interesting information and has some very high quality pictures. There is no subscription (though you can donate) and you are free to access all 48 pages of each issue. So far they have published three issues and the next is due shortly.

In issue #1 you will find an interview with fetish models/designers Anna and Matt. Did you know that Anna is a world class bowler? You will also meet Pierre Patrick who owns a fetish store. Make sure to check out page #21. The girl on the right is stunning to say the least!

Issue #2 has a great interview with fetish photographer/filmmaker/ music writer/club owner Sebastian Solo. Sebastian is definitely a man of many talents. The interview with fetish models Marcus and Susann is very enlightening. It just goes to show that you can have a fetish and still be a “normal” person. I have to say that the two photographs on page #21 are gorgeous.

Issue #3 brings an interview with fetish model Kumi. One of her interests is studying military history of all things. There is also a very informative interview with fetish clothing designers Karin and Wanko from Japan. They discuss various things such as Japanese design and BSDM laws. I really want the outfit the girl on page #32 is wearing. Unfortunately I don’t have the body for it.

In each issue you will find information on upcoming fetish events, and book and movie reviews.

Of course there is a small bit of advertising, but even that is done well. You will find links to various fetish wear sites (all higher quality), ads for art based furniture, even an ad for Harley Davidson.

There is nothing even slightly offensive in any of the issues.

Whether you participate in the fetish scene, or are even slightly curious about it, then I highly recommend Senze. Give it a try, you will be pleasantly surprised. I will be adding a link to the site over on the left so you will have easy access in the future.

Overall rating: A solid A
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